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How To Keep Yourself Fit Without Gym

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I am sure every single girl or woman has a dream to own a body that has killer abs like Jada Pinkett Smith, Nicki Minaj’s booty and Sexy legs like Katy Perry.

We all know Jennifer Lopez, She is 47 Years of age, but coming is world famous fit personalities. To have a fit and healthy body like famous celebrities is not a difficult task if you have thinking to be fit.

I know you will start thinking now, we do not have free time to go to the gym and perform heavy exercises from our busy schedule of office or home as life is very fast these days but wait I am not asking you all to do that. Instead of doing all this keep an eye on your eating habits and follow some very light and full of fun exercises. It’s time to forget about gym exercises. All you need to do to follow the golden rule of 80-20 which means 80% of your eating and 20 percent on exercise. Here in this article, I am going to share few very important tips for your health to keep fit.

1. Drink more and more water:

Drink more and more water: Know Your Lifestye
Drink more and more water
You must have heard that drinking of more and more water will help you to keep the fluids of body balanced. Our body build of approximately 60% of water. The purpose of fluids including saliva creation, Nutrients transportation, circulation, digestion and maintain the temperature of our body etc. To perform all these tasks our body need a huge amount of water. Hence it is always recommended to drink more and more water. There are n numbers of toxins in our body which are not good at all and on top of it if you are fatty then your body is the house of toxins so by drinking plenty of water we can flush all these toxins from your body and keep it healthy.

TIP: Drink lemon water daily and you will feel a change than earlier in your body and as well as in skin.


2. 10-15 Minutes Daily Exercise:

10-15 Minutes Daily Exercise: Know Your Lifestyle
10-15 Minutes Daily Exercise
Maintain a habit of daily exercise for minimum 15 Minutes. Let me tell you that with exercise your body will become more flexible and muscles will be stronger. I do not think that 15 minutes is much time to keep yourself well. It does not matter, how late and lazy you are. All you need to remember the magical tips of JSL i.e. JUMP, SQUAT, and LUNGES. With daily exercise, your body will become slim and fit.

3. Start Listen To Your Body:

Start Listen Your Body:Know Your Lifestyle
Start Listen To Your Body
These days we all are habitual of it if one of our friends talks about pizza, chocolates etc. we also want to have them without thinking we are not feeling hungry or want anything to eat. Which is actually a very bad because when we eat something which is not required by our body, it will not never be digested it so it’s better to listen what our body is saying. I know it is very tough to believe. Most of us are thinking we can listen to music, each other talks but how to listen to our body as it does not talk. You might feel strange about listening to your body. We all know that our body works as mind commands same with the awareness. Whenever we feel stress, Sadness awareness of cells in our body expresses it and for that, we do not need words. We do not speak but expressions are there on our face. In the similar way, Body reacts when it wants food then we feel hunger. At that time we should have that food which is required at time of hunger and it will digest easily and in result give us to stay fit and healthy. So please do not eat when you are not hungry and eat only those foods which are healthy for our body like when you want to drink, take ample of water or fruit juices in place of cold drinks and other harmful drinks. Same applies for food; eat vegetables, pulses, fruits, and nuts etc. in place of chocolates and pizza etc.

Tip: When you want to have some unhealthy food or snacks then go for fruits and nuts and when you feel like drink something then you can have Fruit juices and Lemon water etc. I am sure you will feel fresh.


4. Daily Walk: 

Daily Walk: KnowYour Lifestyle
Daily Walk
 Friends Next awesome rule to keep fit in your life is to walk daily. Now you will say we all are walking here and there but it is not reality, Yes that's true we all walk but not properly like walk from one room to other. Upstairs to downstairs, while you should include it in your daily routine that we will walk for minimum 30 minutes daily. Start walking daily and check your walking speed and also change in your body. Earlier start from 5-10 minutes then try to increase it.

You can walk anywhere like parks near to your house, on road. With regular walk lever of blood circulation will improve. Walking always helps you to burn extra fat from your body by burning extra calories from your body, Healthy heart and legs will be in good shape.

5 Early Dinner:

Early Dinner: Know Your Lifestyle
Early Dinner
I know it is very difficult for you, if would say have your dinner maximum by 8 at night as later because according to recent researches, longer the difference between meals allow our body to digest food more conveniently. Hence we should always complete our dinner few hours before our sleep. Most of it food in dinner should not be heavy, it should be light like Pulses and a bowl of yogurt etc. It is advisable to avoid heavy meals at night time. As per Health Institutes, Late night meals could be a big reason of indigestion which disturbs our sleep.

At last, I would say to stay healthy and fit body please exercise daily which will helpful to burn extra fat from your body and will be effective in weight loss.
Along with above-given tips for your fitness, it's very important that we all should stay happy and positive. Leave negative attitude. Always motivate yourself. Stay healthy and fit as healthy soul and mind stays in healthy body.

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Fruits You Can Eat Even if You are Diabetic

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Fruits You Can Eat Even if You are  Diabetic: Know Your Lifestyle
Fruits You Can Eat Even if You are  Diabetic: Know Your Lifestyle
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If you are facing diabetic problem then i am sure it has been already told to you that fruits are not good for you in diabetes. Someone may be any one from your family or friends stopped you to eat fruits like water melon and strawberry etc as they are sweet so they can harm you but let me tell you its not true. Fruits are always very much beneficial for our health. Many of us are already aware that fiber is there in fruits and with the help of it health problems like Cholesterol and Blood sugar will always b away for our very sensitive heart.

Fruits contains huge amount of Minerals and Vitamins like potassium which has wonderful results in reducing pressure of Blood or BP. Only you need to take care about right choice of fruit and in proper chunk.

Fruits are full of Natural sugar which is Fructose and  carbohydrates. Yogurt, Bread and potatoes are source of Carbohydrates or fruits, when we eat them, they broke down and convert into Glucose. People facing Diabetic problem should keep an eye on the quantity of Fruits and carbohydrates they are taking. When ever you decide any fruit to eat always take care of following tips:

Neglect Fruit Juices and Dry fruits.

Always remember that dry fruits are always rich in carbohydrates than natural fruits as flavored sugar is added in it to make it more sweeter. If you tale 2 tablespoons of Dried cranberry, it contains 18gm of Sugar, 100gm of Calories and 24gm of Carbohydrates which is actually equals to  5 teaspoons sugar.

Moreover it will be good for you if you avoid juices of fruits. Its has been proven that Level of blood sugar will increase with Juices as fiber will be thrown away from fruits. In place of Fruit Juices and Dry Fruits i would recommend to go for natural fruits which contains good source of fiber.

Keep an Eye to check Portion:

If you are following a strict diet plan then you need to check the portion of fruits you are taking because it is source of Carbohydrates. So whenever you can decide to eat one fruit for one meal which should not be more than 2 or 3 times in a day. 15gm of carbohydrate is contained by one fruit.

Select  Fruits contains  Low Glycemic Index:

It is suggested by American Diabetes Association that you should eat fruits that contains Lower Glycemic Index  which is actually used to determine the rate of increased blood glucose due to food contained carbohydrates. Food is measure on that basis that in compare of food like white bread etc how the rate blood sugar is increased by them. the food with high Glycemic Index will increase the glucose in blood as compared to food containing low Glycemic Index or medium. Except Melon and pineapple rest of the fruits have low Glycemic Index but does not mean that you can never ever eat them. If you see increase in sugar level in your body then  would recommend please avoid these fruits. Let me tell you that the same thing i not applied to every person, different foods can be the reason of increase in blood sugar level in their body. May be any ripe fruit can affect your blood sugar level in your body. So in short you always need to take about fruits you are taking. Always take foods and fruits which are healthy for your body.

Combination with Proteins

It has seen that in thinking of few people it is always good if we take fruits along with proteins as they will be helpful in reducing the blood sugar level. What i would recommend you to eat Fruits for Carbohydrates into meal and for Proteins take fruits as snack.

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How To Apply Perfect Eye Makeup

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Whenever we are talking about face make up, Eye makeup is very important, Today i am going to share some important tricks which will definitely help your eyes to look really beautiful and attractive.

With these tricks you will come to know how to apply makeup on your eyes. If you want your eye makeup should remain as it is for the whole day then its very much important that you should apply makeup on your eyes carefully and correctly.

Before applying makeup on eyes, its always recommended to choose best eyeshadows for eyes as our eyes are most sensitive part on our body. I am going to discuss best eyeshadow which is highly recommended and lasts whole day.

How To Apply Perfect Eye Makeup:  Know Yor Lifestyle
How To Apply Perfect Eye Makeup : Know Your Lifestyle

1. Eyeshadow Primer

 Good Quality Eyeshadow Primer is always advisable which will effective while you are sweating, or if you have oily skin etc. "Urban Decay Eyeshadow primer Potion" is good quality Eyeshdaow primer you can for. you can find it on or

2. Good Quality Eyeshadow

 These days variety of eyeshadows are available in the Market. Many of them are not even capable to stick on our eye lids, if anyhow they manage to stick, after few hours you cannot find them on your lids, they will disappear. Eyes shadow with a great pigmentation is always wonderful. You can also go for Quality eyeshadows from drugstores too.

On the inner side of eyelid, give light color stroke in the corner. It will help you to brighten your eyes but never use it most obvious.

Follow Steps For Eye Makeup:

1. Near Dark Portion around eye apply Concealer

Your first task is to coverup whole dark area near your eyes. You can apply Concealer on dark areas with the help of Concealer brush or tip of finger to cover up under eye circles, blemishes etc. If fortunately you are not facing any dark ares, under eyeliners or blemishing problem then directly jump to second step.

How to apply concealer

Under each eye you can apply  3 or 4 dots of concealer. You can start apply concealer from the inner corner of eye as normally we find darkest skin there, after that under pupil and lastly on the outer corner of eye. Appy concealer with your ring finger is never advisable as it assumes its pad is very soft. Rub Concealer till the time its not mix with skin.

2. Primer on eyelids

Primer will always help eyeshadow to keep on eyes for a long time. apply Primer on eyelids and it will provide base for eyeshadow to keep on eyes during working hours, Party Nights, meetings or even at sleep. As we all know that before painting any wall primer is compulsory as its a base for paint on wall similarly Primer on Eyelids is must.

3. Eye Liner

Normally if we are going in casuals, we never bother to apply liner on eyes but remember eyes which are lined nicely always looks beautiful. Eye liner always highlight eyes and if you have applied liner correctly on your eyes then anyone can attract to your eyes.

Liners are of two types Liquids and pencil. you can use either but if you want to use any dark eyeshadow in place of eyeliner you can go for it.User eye liner on the upper side of eye lashes very closely and apply it from inner corner of eye towards outer corner. You can do the same to the bottom eyes.

4. Apply Eyeshadow

Why Eyeshadow is important  because it helps you be look your eyes attractive and all veins over lids will cover with it.if you are going outside in day timings always use shadow which is light and basic. Stila's iconic Kitten eye shadow is a quality, Easy to apply, last long and you can use it either wet or dry.

I have seen many  beauticians and celebrities using it.If you want to go for more then you can use eyeshadow which is tree toned and using to eyebrows from eyelids. Like rainbow blend them in each other. According to "Mally Roncal"(Celebrity Makeup Artist), you should always use light eyeshadow in starting which should match you eyelid and then use medium color which you can spread over the eyelid up to bone of eyebrow and on boundary area of eye always use dark color eyeshadows and mix all colors perfectly.

Step 5: Inner Eye Highlighting

Now you will come to know how to highlight the inner side of eye. Once you will apply light eyeshadow little bit inside of eye on corner, you will see your eyes will shine and look bright.

Step 6: Brow Highlighting

You need to use the same light Eyeshadow and apply it on your eyebrow. Always concentrate on middle of your eyebrow and outside of your eyebrow. With the help of your finger tip can spread it.

Step 7: Lashes Curler

If you want to look your eyes attractive, you can use eyelash curler which will help you to make your eyelashes longer. To add more effects into it, Under blow drayer for few seconds heat eyelash curler. I recommend to check curler before using it on your lashes because if it will too hot, it can burn your lashes.

Step 8: Apply Mascara

Always apply good quality mascara. With the help of Mascara brush apply from bottom of eyelashes and twist backward and forward. Same way you can apply Mascara to bottom eyelashes as well.

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Tips to Care for Dry Skin

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As we all aware about this fact that every year in cold weather, Our skin become dry and it is very challenging task to care for dry skin. Level of humidity gets decrease with drop in temperature, With which we start feeling about our skin that it is more tight than earlier. Today i going to share some important tips with you so that you can keep your skin healthy in whole winter days of the year.

Tips to Care for Dry Skin:Know Your Life Style

Tips to Care for Dry Skin

1. Start Using Face Oil:

Tips to Care for Dry Skin: Know Your Lifestyle

Tips to Care for Dry Skin

 In cold weather you need to use face oil in place of all those moisturizers who are based on water. first clean your face and after that take approx 4 or 5 oil drops on your palm and apply it on your face even when your face is wet, you do not need to dry your face just apply these oil drops directly on yuor face. The benefits of Oiling your face is your face will protect from the freezing air in the winter season. Moreover it will work as conditioner and will seal you skin with moisture from cold air.

2. Exfoliate your skin:

If you want to increase in skin cells and get rid of old, dead, rough skin than the thing which is very much important for your skin is Exfoliation. Also it will create a layer which will stop dead skin cells to pierce your skin intensely. Anyway, exceptionally at that time your skin start feel very dry, remember to apply mild product on your skin but not again and again. Physical Exfoliater can provoke your skin which is already bother due to winter season so in place of using it you should go for a mild synthetical or chemical Exfoliator like face mask like strawberry or papaya which are based on enzymes of fruits, which are very helpful for dry skin.

3. Use Mild Facial Cleansers

Tips to Care for Dry Skin: Know Your Lifestyle

Tips to Care for Dry Skin

Avoid harsh cleansers containing fragrance, sulfates or alcohol, and opt for a gentle cleanser that has moisturizing properties. Harsh cleansers may disrupt the pH balance of your skin and cause dryness and irritation. Any cleanser that makes your skin feel "squeaky" clean is probably too harsh. If you wear makeup, swap your face wipes with a cleansing oil.

4. Soften Irritated and Dry Skin

If you are suffering from Irritated and Dry Skin, then you need to go for all those ingredients which are full of soothing and moisturizing. The soothing element will make your skin very soft and as its name implies moisturizing elements keep your skin moist which will take care of your skin from attacks of cold environment.Shea butter, Cocoa butter,Mineral oil,Lanolin, Petrolatum, Coconut, jojoba, sesame, almond and plant oils are the example of soothing or Emollients ingredients. Honey,Aloe Vera, Butylene Glycol
,Dipropylene glycol, Hexylene Glycol and Glycerin are some examples of humectant or moisturizing ingredients. During the cold or winter season the very common irritation for the skin you could face so here i am sharing some examples of them.

Tips to Care for Dry Skin: Know Your Lifestyle

Tips to Care for Dry Skin

1. Rough Hands: Repeated wash of hands, dry and frozen air are big reasons for the roughness of your hands.

2.Redness over the nose: often we have seen many people in winter season with red noses. with the help of cleanser which should be mild, wash you face after wash apply face balm as Dermalogica Barrier Repair,Origins Make a Difference Ultra-Rich.

3. Cracks on Lips: Due to cold in winters our lips look not even very rough while very badly painful for us. To get rid of this problem everyday apply lip balm on your lips for the whole day and before sleep. Not to use those lip balms which are coming with aroma or Fragrances, it will create irritation on your lips. Use Lip balm that contain natural & organic ingredients.

It is not only the reason of uneasiness, the reason of hand wash completely like it will not secure us from the illness due to damaged skin. Apply a mild cream on hands can carefully stop dryness, If you see your hands are more rough than normal roughness then i suggest you to go for soothing balm like beeswax and shea butter. i will recommend products of Kahina Giving Beauty for both your body and as well as for your hands.

Few important things with them your skin will be soft and healthy during winter season:

Drink a lot of water. You can also go for tea or take some honey if you are not feeling thirsty and not habitual of talink liquids, Because if you will not drink water or take liquids, cells of your skin will be dehydrated and cracks will be there on your skin which will be visible and it will ultimately look very dull which i am sure you all won't like.

Take plenty of Soups which are homemade, Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables, with all these body will get extra liquids and nutrients which can secure our skin.

Eat homemade soups, broths and plenty of local seasonal produce to provide your body with additional liquids and protective nutrients.if you are going outside then you must be aware of this fact that how cool the air will be and it will make your skin totally dry or rough. So, I would suggest to use Humidifier(device or instrument which creates moisture in room or in building) at your home.

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How to secure yourself from Anti-aging

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Cosmetics, Creams, Face Message and Serums they are effective for Anti-Aging  but only upto some extent not fully. Healthy soul will make your body healthy it is very true. If you will be healthy from inside it will reflect on your face automatically. So many other factors are also responsible with whom you will feel younger than your actual age like routine balanced diet, proper sleep and avoid smoking etc. These are some important things in the life of all which should not be ignored at all.

1. Proper Sleep

Secure yourself from Anti-Aging : Know Your Lifestyle
Secure yourself from Anti-Aging

Taking a proper sleep at night  is very important thing which you can do in order for your well being and to maintain overall health. Sufficient sleep will give you zeal so that you can recover from stress of the previous day and it will help you to stay focused on the throughout day which is coming. you all have often seen that if you are not sleeping well in the night then next day you are feeling tired, irritated and so many other things. During the day we are doing one and the other work without taking rest and at the time when we are sleeping our whole body is repairing those damages of body which we got at day time. If you really want yourself to look young then surely take proper sleep.

2. Eye Protection

Secure yourself from Anti-Aging : Know Your Lifestyle
Secure yourself from Anti-Aging

Eyes are the most important organ of human body. Whenever you are going outside always use Sunglasses to cover your never eyes. The rays of Sun are very sharp and they directly affect retina of your eyes. UV or Ultraviolet rays are very harmful for our eyes so always use Sunglasses of high quality and Ultraviolet protection. You should never stare the sun.

3. Use Sunscreen Everywhere


Secure yourself from Anti-Aging : Know Your Lifestyle
Secure yourself from Anti-Aging

Sunscreen helps you to to slow down the premature aging skin and wrinkles on the skin. It can decrease the rate of Skin Cancer as protects you from harmful UV rays. American academy of Dermatology recommended water resistance, Sunscreen protects against UVB and UVA rays and SPF 30 or higher than SPF 30. Whenever you go outside always wear sunscreen besides this you are at your home or inside.

4. Balanced Diet

Secure yourself from Anti-Aging : Know Your Lifestyle
Secure yourself from Anti-Aging

Skin is receiving nutrition from treatments and creams but the thing which is most important is that food which we are eating. Healthy diet will make you look young than your present age. you should eat food that is very effective for health. You should eat fruits not only they are full of nutrition but they are antioxidants as well. fruits like blueberry and  blue, red and Purple grapes are full of antioxidants and pythochemicals. Nuts like Walnut, Almonds, Cashews, Pecans,Pistachios, Hazelnuts and Brazil nuts are crazy good nuts for your health. Vegetables like Broccoli, Spinach, Alfalfa sprouts, Brussels sprouts,Kale  and Onion are very much healthy and rich with oxidants. So maintain your diet balanced in order to look young.

5. Daily Exercise

Secure yourself from Anti-Aging : Know Your Lifestyle
Secure yourself from Anti-Aging

According to new study exercise reduces the inflammation in your body which comes with aging. Exercise daily as it improves your skin, manage weight and keep you fit always.  Regular exercise will be helpful so that you look younger.Mass of muscles will be maintain with exercise so that your arms and ass should not bent. I do not think that anything much is required to share in this article about exercise because everyone knows about the benefits of it, So exercise daily to keep fit and fine and live longer life.

6. Body weight should be maintained

Secure yourself from Anti-Aging : Know Your Lifestyle
Secure yourself from Anti-Aging

You won't have to work hard, if your body weight is under control. Healthy body will be more alert and active to reduce the premature signs of aging. Excessive weight should not be there in your body because with it elasticity of your skin will loose.  stability in weight will reduce the aging signs. Everyday 30 minutes of exercise should be there i your daily life.

7. Drink water

Secure yourself from Anti-Aging : Know Your Lifestyle
Secure yourself from Anti-Aging

Beverages, juices and drinks with refined Sugar will be definitely avoided because they are the main reasons of inflammation in the body which reacts with skin. Drink more and more water in place of drinks full with refined sugar and very soon you will come to know the wonderful results of water the how your skin will start glow.

8. Avoid Stress

Secure yourself from Anti-Aging : Know Your Lifestyle
Secure yourself from Anti-Aging

 Stress plays a major role in aging. If every time you will be in state of stress in result you will start look older than your age. Our mind and body they both are interlinked. For healthy mind and glowy skin remove unwanted stress and tensions out of your life. Always fix time for you. Feel good, be happy, everyday do some Yoga or meditation which will be very helpful to cut out stress from your life.

9. Give up Smoking

Secure yourself from Anti-Aging : Know Your Lifestyle
Secure yourself from Anti-Aging

In whole world Anti smoking campaign are running. Smoking invites Premature aging which includes yellow teeth and skin and wrinkles on skin. Everyone is aware about this fact is that smoking is the one of bigger reason to cause cancer. If you are a smoker or a chain smoker then its your turn to protect yourself from the signs of anti aging.

If you have any question, queries or suggestions feel free to say via comments. I will reply back as soon as possible for me.