Monday 6 January 2020

Top 10 Mind Blowing Beauty Tips for Girls

Every girl wants to look beautiful and fresh. If it is your goal as well then it is time to unlock some beauty tips which help you get clear and young skin.

Top Mind Blowing Tips For Girls : KnowYourLifestyle

1. Say no to refined foods:
One of the best ways to stay beautiful is to avoid eating refined or processed foods. These types of foods take important nutrients away from you that are needed by your body and make your skin look dull. Apart from that, they can also take you towards different health issues like those that you are constipated.

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2. Prefer raw food:

Eating raw foods means do not overcook your food. Such kind of practice will improve your beauty, as raw foods are still full of vitamins and other nutrients that make your skin and hair look healthy and fresh. It has been proven that raw foods can make your wrinkles and age lines less prominent.

3. The first thing to do when you wake up in the morning:

When you wake up in the morning, it is best that you drink a glass full of water and after that eat any of your favorite fruit like apple. This practice would ensure that your skin is properly hydrated and the fruit would help in keeping its glow. Also, such repetition can also help you maintain your weight, or you may be able to lose some.

To maintain your beauty, your skin must have good moisture. To achieve that, you are required to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. It helps in flushing out harmful toxins from the body as well as it can also help you to get rid of excess heat.

4. Drink milk in routine:

Drink milk is the best practice you can do to preserve your beauty. When you drink it everyday, you would be providing nutrients to your body which is essential to strengthen your skin and bones. Apart from that, it can make you look younger and help you to boost up your health.

5. Use cream as a skin cleanser:

Cleaning your skin on a regular basis is important in maintaining its beauty. However, use of cream cleanser is the best choice to make to do this, since it will not take any natural oil away from your skin, which protects it. Do not use anything that can dry your skin, since it can become disposed to bacteria and skin damage.

6. Use rosewater for toning your skin:

Using rosewater as a skin toner has many benefits. A natural ingredient helps in maintaining the healthy looks of your skin. Rosewater contains substances, which maintains your skin moisture. Further, it is also a good solution to use if you have allergic skin or if you want to treat sunburns.

7. Never pick pimples:

Having pimples on your face affects your beauty. Thus, you would never want them to multiply. If you pick your pimples, you are multiplying because pricking it can spread the infection more. It can also damage your skin tissues around a pimple. 

Sometimes acne can attack without any warning. If you have a severe acne problem, you should not waste in treating it. Make a visit to a dermatologist as soon as possible, so that you can find a solution finally to stop it and live a life without hiding from facing people with healthy and acne free skin.

8. Exfoliate your hand and feet every week:

Having hands and feet that are soft and smooth would enhance your already beautiful image. To achieve that, you should exfoliate your hands and feet at least once a week, with the use of a natural exfoliating scrub. Spread it in light circular motions and gently massage your skin.

9. Solution to your yellow nails:

Yellow nails are obviously something that you cannot be proud of. Thus, if you have them, you can simply make use of some homemade remedy for whitening it. All you have to do is to mix lemon juice, rose petals with clean water in a bowl, and dip your hands into it. After going through this process, apply some moisturizing lotion for best results.

10. Use lip balm:

Maintaining the condition of your lips can also improve your beauty. It is always best to carry a lip balm with you wherever you go out. Lip balm prevents your lips from drying out. Therefore, you can say it as one of the best ways to prevent lip chapping. With any of the suitable lip balm, it helps to soften your lips.

11.Be gentle with the skin around your eyes:

The skin under your eyes is very sensitive. Thus, it is required that you are gentle with it. You should not be harsh and should not scratch it since it would affect your looks. If you do not care about it and continue, it to stretching your face would look wrinkled or loose in early age.

12.Pay attention to your weight:

One of the main thing that can damage your beauty is your weight. You are required to pay close attention to it. Do not either gain too much or lose too much of it because after that you would start to face problems in proper fitting of your clothes. Thus, it is important to maintain your weight at a perfect level, so that you would look fit, attractive and healthy all the time. You should know how to control your weight.

13. Stay away from the sun exposure:

Exposing yourself to the sun can affect your skin badly, which can result in having damaged skin and pimples. It can also cause make your skin dry. Therefore, the best solution is to stay in the shade for most of the daytime. If you badly need to go out, then make use of a quality sunblock or sunscreen product. 

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