Wednesday 24 May 2023

Best Steps How To Sleep Earlier

Are you a night owl or have Insomnia

You want to sleep early but so many things comes up to your mind and you start think one or another thing and ultimately late for sleep. 

For healthy lifestyle, proper sleep is one of the best habits. But sadly we usually struggle for it. I know these days everybody knows the importance of good sleep. The only combat is how to prepare you to go to bed early and sleep immediately.

The only thing I would say is that it all has to do with the naivety of planning. You don't plan your days and nights properly. After working all day, you’re so tired and doing chores during day. At bedtime, you see that some work is left for the day. Is that right?

You have to learn how to make these small changes in your daily life and stick with them. Sticking to a schedule seems to be daunting, but start with small and work your way up from there. We promise that you will defiantly experience life-changing transition for yourself.

Best Steps How To Sleep Earlier: www.Knowyourlifestly.com
Best Steps How To Sleep Earlier

Here are some useful tips that will help you sleep better and earlier.

1.    Begin  with Small Step

One day you will be ready to go to bed early. You usually go to sleep at 11 or 12 pm, but suddenly decide to go to bed at 9 or 9:30 pm. It will be easy and you may succeed on the first day, but you will struggle the next day.

Don't overdo it; start with intervals of 15 minutes at a time. Go to bed 15 minutes earlier than usual time and wake up 15 minutes earlier the next day. 

The key is to practice a sleep routine and pay attention to when you go to bed and when you wake up.

2.    Switch off all lights

Light is a major contributor to poor sleep patterns. When you go to sleep, turn off the lights, such as room lights, laptop lights, cell phone lights.

Blue light from screens is bad for your health and eyes. Melatonin is suppressed by this light. Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the brain that induces sleepiness. Generates only when it's dark Therefore, it is recommended to always turn off the ambient lights when sleeping.

3.    Keep all your Digital Devices Away

When you lying in bed, you can't help but scroll through your smartphone screen. From app to app, you won't find anything fun to use. Whether it's social media or your favorite game, they're simply addictive. 

Put away all your devices at least 30 minutes before bed. Keep it in another room. So instead of staying up late scrolling through your phone or watching TV, make sure you go to bed at the right time. Mute all notifications. Believe me, it helps.

4. Plan your evenings

If I find it difficult to prepare myself for sleep, it is usually because I have certain activities I would like to do. Your night-time hours just evaporate in an instant when you work most of the day, right? 

Suddenly, it’s past your bedtime, and you never got the chance to do your favorite activity, read your favorite book, or do some exercise. 

If you feel like there is not enough time in the evening, consider shifting some of your evening activities to earlier in the day.

5. Avoid heavy meals and caffeine

The most important things are to avoid caffeine and heavy meals at night. Caffeine is a stimulant and it may take several hours for its effects to wear off. So, drinking coffee late at night can affect your ability to fall asleep.

Likewise, eating heavy food late at night can also interfere with sleep. Instead, choose lighter foods such as vegetables and fruits. This gives your body that activeness it needs without the added stimulation of caffeine. And going to bed earlier gives your body more time to digest food and fall into deeper, relaxed sleep.

Final Words:

By making a few simple adjustments to your daily routine, you can sleep better and wake up feeling more refreshed and energized.  

Believe me, your body will thank you! 

If you have constant trouble sleeping, talk to your doctor. To help identify the cause and treatment for insomnia, your doctor may prescribe drugs or recommend other ways to get your sleep cycle back on track. 

Some may benefit from seeking psychological help in addition to medical problems  

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Thursday 15 October 2020

10 Ways Sports Childhood Development

Sports are a way of life for many children. They learn to play catch even before they go to school, and many continue to be involved in athletic activities for the rest of their lives. But is early engagement in sports really that helpful for childhood development?

The short answer is yes. But first, let’s look at what we mean by “sports.” The Oxford Dictionary defines sports as “individual or group physical activities that are usually competitive and entertaining.”

10 Ways Sports Childhood Development: KnowYourLifestyle

Competitive physical activities for adults have been around since the dawn of recorded history. Stone Age artists carved images of wrestlers and hunters on skis onto the walls of their caves. Ballgame courts have been discovered in Mexico that dates back 3,500 years.

By contrast, sports for children came about more recently. About 2,000 years ago, boys ages 7 and older in Athens and Sparta received physical education as part of their military training. A more modern version of gym class did not begin in Europe until the 18th century.

Today, children’s sports have become widely accepted as a vital component of childhood development. Here are 10 reasons a sports program could benefit your child.

1. Physical Health and Stamina

In ancient times, out of necessity, children were much more active than they are today. They walked, ran, jumped, swam, hunted and farmed just to survive. Now that technology has made our modern lives more sedentary, an active lifestyle is one of the most important habits we can instill in our children.

Regular exercise leads to greater flexibility, bone and muscle strength and aerobic fitness, all of which can reduce the risk of obesity, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and other health conditions. Being part of an organized sport will motivate children to stay in shape by encouraging them to walk and do other exercises at home, get proper nutrition and avoid excessive social media time.

Children in the U.S. are not as physically fit as they once were. According to a 2016 study cited by CNN, American youth ranked only 47th out of 50 when compared with the performance of youth from other countries on 20-meter running tests. The Centers for Disease Control recommend that children engage in at least one hour of physical activity every day.

2. Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Participating in sports gives children something positive to aspire to and serves as an alternative to unhealthy activities such as drugs, smoking or criminal behavior.

As they get older, they’ll have a pastime they can be involved in throughout their lives, like golf, skating, skiing, swimming or tennis. In addition, they’ll have an insider’s understanding of the rules of the sport or game, which makes being a spectator that much more enjoyable.

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3. Socialization

Being on a sports team or part of a school sports program helps children meet other kids with similar interests, as well as introducing them to those of different cultures and backgrounds. They will be more likely to strike up lasting friendships and avoid isolation when they have the opportunity to interact with a consistent set of peers on a regular basis.

10 Ways Sports Help Childhood Development:KnowYourLifestyle

10 Ways Sports Help Childhood Development:KnowYourLifestyle

4. Academic Performance

Children who participate in sports are more motivated to stay in school, improve attendance and keep up their grades — if only so they can remain on the team. Regular fresh air and exercise are natural ways to boost alertness, energy and mental stamina, which are indispensable during study time and tests.

Tasks such as memorizing routines, calculating scores and developing strategies are all ways to exercise the mind. Having a special interest in sports can inspire students to read sports biographies and articles about top athletes, often providing topics they will want to investigate further. Plus, that knowledge will be useful when they need to write essays or come up with science project ideas.

5. Work Ethic

Involvement in sports gives kids a chance to learn essential life skills such as goal-setting, time management and care of equipment. Other skill also there like sticking to schedules, self-discipline, patience, commitment.

The lessons they learn in these areas will be the foundation for a strong work ethic that will serve them well in the future.

6. Teamwork

Sports can be a humbling experience, but this is a good thing. Children learn to be a member of a team rather than hogging the spotlight. They see how to work in tandem with others, and they get to experience the joy of team spirit and loyalty.

7. Confidence

Whether your child is a natural at sports or just learning the ropes, they’ll develop confidence as they see improvement. It’s one way to gently nudge shy kids outside of their comfort zones, and it can be instrumental in teaching leadership skills.

Involvement in sports can make kids more aware of inspiring positive role models, such as female champion athletes.

8. Cooperation

Do you want your child to learn how to follow rules even when they disagree and how to get along with difficult people? If so, sports may be the answer you’ve been looking for. When the umpire calls them out or the coach benches them, they’ll learn how to cope with disappointment. This can support an attitude of good sportsmanship as well as a constructive way to deal with feelings of aggression both on and off the field.

9. Family Time

As most parents know, if your child is on a sports team, you’re on it too. You’ll be involved in everything from practice to uniforms to getting them to and from the games. And, of course, you’ll be there when they play. In short, you’ll be their biggest fan. Family time is all-important when it comes to your child’s emotional development. If you volunteer your time as a coach, pack a golf cart full of a big water cooler and healthy snacks to keep the team satisfied and supported during practice and games.

10. Fun

A recent study asked a group of players, coaches, and parents, to compile a list of things that make youth sports fun. The three highest-ranked components of fun were “being a good sport,” “positive coaching” and “trying hard.”

In many ways, sports will be an enjoyable outlet for your child. They’ll look forward to following teams, watching games and rooting for their favorites. They’ll love winning, but they’ll also love being a part of something bigger than themselves.

Life can be stressful these days, and kids are not exempt from that stress. Participating in a sport can give your child a chance to expend pent-up energy and just have fun.

Final thoughts

Any sports program for your child should follow well-recognized safety protocols, such as the use of helmets, limits during inclement weather and others. Get to know the person in charge of your child’s sports program and communicate with them if you have any concerns.

If your child has special needs, remember that federal law requires schools to provide adaptive physical education when it is appropriate. Your child should be allowed to participate with typical peers to the fullest extent possible.

What if your child doesn’t want to participate in sports? Perhaps you believe your child isn’t athletic, has other interests or just doesn’t like the idea of sports right now. Don’t force the issue but do encourage it.

Remember there are many variations on the sports theme. Bowling, track or cheerleading may be more to their liking, or perhaps they could be the team scorekeeper. Talking with your school’s physical education teacher may be helpful.

Thank you for your precious time you devote to my blog. If you have some more information about sports child development do share you thoughts via comment below or you can directly email me at admin@knowyourlifestyle.com. Follow us on Twitter and do like us on Facebook.

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Wednesday 14 October 2020

How To Become Financial Lucky Using Law of Attraction

Have you been struggling financially even though you have been working extremely hard? Do you see people who just seem to naturally attract good fortune and wish you could be one of them? If the answer is yes to both the questions, this article will tell you where you have been going wrong, what you need to focus on, and the secret to effortlessly attracting wealth and happiness.

How Become financial lucky Using Law of Attraction: KnowYourLifestlyle

Secret of financially successful people

The sad truth is that sometimes, hard work just doesn’t cut it. You may be working multiple jobs trying to build your life and be financially secure, but you can never seem to get lucky. On the other hand, there are some people who seem to easily attract abundance everywhere they go and in everything they do. So, if hard work isn’t the secret, then what is?

In Rhonda Byrne’s popular book “The Secret”, she expresses the New Thought belief that anything you desire can be manifested through the power of visualization and the Law of Attraction (LoA). According to this universal Law of Attraction, everything in the universe is energy and the kind of energy you give out is reflected back to you. So, if you radiate positive energy, have positive thoughts and positive actions, the universe will give you a lot more in return.

Your desires and life goals are no longer just dreams once you are aware of this secret. They can be attained easily if you believe in your ability to achieve them, and imagine every day that you have already achieved them. In everything that you do, the universe is on your side and it conspires to help you get exactly what you want. You will find that the regular practice of visualization will shape reality according to your will, providing you with opportunities and experiences to make all your dreams come true.

So, breaking down this profound information, it seems the secret is your mind and your ability to focus on positive energy instead of negativity. In other words, you alone are capable of controlling your destiny. This is the secret that millionaires have been using to attract wealth and other forms of abundance, the secret that is accessible to anyone, including you.

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This is where you may be going wrong

Now that you know the secret to not just financial but any kind of success, wealth should just be one thought away, right? Well, not exactly. It is not so simple, as there are certain points to keep in mind, certain habits to let go, and certain values to cultivate. The thing with practicing the Law of Attraction is that it not only brings financial abundance but is a personal holistic development as well.

• The first common mistake a lot of people make is that they hold on to doubt. You may want happiness, you may want to be rich, but deep down, you do not trust that you can actually achieve all that. You doubt not only your abilities but the ability of the universe as well. It is important that you learn to let go of this. Now that you know the secret and are willing to make use of it, you are not who you once were anymore. You are a positive, transformed, and empowered individual who is capable of anything.

• Another common mistake is focusing on the things you do not have, instead of all the things you already have. The universe will give back to you what you give it. When you are not aware of your blessings and are not appreciative of anything, there is no way you will have more. But if you learn to appreciate every little thing and practice the attitude of gratitude, the universe will give you much more than you expect. Do not focus on what you lack, focus on all the abundance you already have.

Here is how you too can be financially successful

How Become financial lucky Using Law of Attraction: KnowYourLifestyle

The word “luck” seems inappropriate now that you know any success has nothing to do with luck, but everything to do with pure determination, positivity, and belief. When you set your mind to something and you truly believe that you have what it takes to achieve it, the universe will make sure you get what you desire.

Here are some ways you can attract wealth like a magnet, just like the millionaires of the world do.

1. Repeat abundance affirmations and visualize every day

Affirmations are positive and powerful sentences that help us fight self-doubt and empower us. They help to put you in the right mood or mindset to face whatever comes your way in a positive manner. For example, repeat out loud to yourself, “I am a magnet of financial success and I can achieve whatever I set my mind to” every morning as soon as you wake up. Then visualize yourself as already successful, already rich. The key here is to truly believe that this is possible with all your heart.

2. Be specific in your desires

Do not shy away from being specific in exactly how much money you want. Set a specific amount and visualize the number every day. The more specific you are, the better it is because it means that you are very sure of what you want. It is easier to work in harmony with the universe and manifest what you wish when you have a clear idea of your desires.

3. Be grateful for what you have at the moment

As mentioned before, always be thankful for what you already have. Celebrity Oprah Winfrey believes that if you only focus on what you don’t have, you will never have enough. But if you focus on what you already have and are thankful for them, you will receive more and more. Gratitude is a powerful positive energy the universe will surely reflect if you give it.

4. Be patient

Understand that good things take time and be patient. If you are frustrated when the law of attraction does not immediately produce the results you desire, your frustration will only delay it further. Remember that Rome was not built in a day. 

I have shared few tips with all of you to be financial lucky. Now it's up to you, which way you are using to achieve your goals. Law pf attraction not only helps you to be financially stable, Anything can be achieved, whether they are relations, self confidence, lifestyle and a respectable status in Society.

The only thing which is really important in this process is to be positive and do your best to get whatever you wish to. 

Thank you for your precious time to my articles. Do Share your experiences with me via comment below or you can write to me at admin@knowyourlifestyle.com.

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Tuesday 13 October 2020

Important Business Skills You Need and How to Improve Them

There are unlimited numbers of business skills that one should be aware of! In this piece of writing, we will mention 6 highly essential business skills for our readers. 

Moreover, you will get an idea of how to keep on improving these skills of yours. To succeed and become a top manager in your organization, acquiring these skills matters a lot. This kind of talent makes sure that your business or company stays on the right track. 

Even more, it keeps your future growth in the perfect direction. And if you are interested in knowing all about ClickFunnels, then do check out this www.magentheme.com site.

Top Business Skills You Need:

You might be wondering which are those essential business skills that can make you a top-notch manager? So, let us check out these details.

To be successful, you have to show hard work and utmost resilience and also expertise right there in your field. Most of the businesses fail to achieve desired success because their company is not injected with these skills. Whether you are running a small business, make sure to work on this list of potential. These are essential soft skills that can easily make you learn how to see success in each future growth phase.

Business Skills You Need and How to Improve Them: KnowYourLifestyle

1. Go for Multi-Tasking & Balance Your Priorities:

Firstly, you should know how to multitask and what is the right way to balance your priorities. To become the most professional and ideal manager, you need to understand the importance of multitasking.

Like, you have to oversee and keep an eye on your employees' performance. Analyze their strengths and weaknesses side by side.

You should keep a closer track of which projects need more importance as compared to other ones. Also, you should be in a position to handle multiple numbers of projects at the same time.

Top business-owners, they follow this general and golden rule of looking and accessing the action field rather than just standing in the game field.

Hence, we can say that it is always the best manager and top business-owners who go for multitasking and do not lose any success scale, growth scale, and production scale.

2. Financial Management Skills

Finance is a key player to run any business smoothly. Till the time finances are not managed properly, no one think of successful business. Hence, efficient financial management is critical for business and its growth. Organizing, monitoring, planning and controlling financial plays vital role to achieve your business objectives. Sound Financial management always will help business to form competent use of resources. 

It helps you to accomplish promises to stakeholders, long term financial stability and cutthroat advantages to business.

Financial management should be included in your ongoing planning and part of the important processes in your business.

3. Incorporation of Decision-Making Skills:

Moving on to decision-making skills that count much weightage these days! This is an obvious fact that if you make poor decisions, then your company will not ever and ever touch the horizons of success.

One needs to become a great and ideal decision-maker and make decisions that benefit his self, employees, and the organization.

Furthermore, you should possess the ability to evaluate and analyze the decision you have taken. Besides, if you are unique in your decision-making skills, you can always see your business units' success.

Take the decisions upon evaluating their pros and cons and then opt for the desired action as soon as possible. Once you take the decision, then never look back.

If you have evaluated the information correctly, that guarantees that you have taken the right decision for your organization's growth's sake.

Instead of looking at the specific situation repeatedly, it is better to assess it critically and then make the decision to make the situation better.

4. Possessing Leadership Skills:

For the growth of a business manager and any organization's success, injecting leadership skills in their managers matters a lot.

You can only become the best manager if you are a great leader. This skill helps you in making the most out of your subordinates and employees.

Beyond this, this leadership skill helps you to build a great and result-driven team. Most importantly, great leaders make use of constructive criticism policy.

They do not belittle and abuse their employees and school them with the best ways to improve their performance. 

All top leaders make efforts to treat and manage their employees with the utmost fairness and respect. This is a critical leadership trait that you have to consider while becoming an ideal manager in your company.

One has to understand that leadership is a general and straightforward process that helps you get things and tasks done in less time through people.

No doubt, this is a critical and essential management skill that motivates your subordinates to achieve the goal assigned by you.

Upon possessing this skill, you take charge and assemble your team. Moreover, you encourage and motivate them and mobilize your teams on the best notes.

If you want to develop long-term relationships with your employees, junior staff, and subordinates, opts for this skill.

5. Effective Communication Skills:

The next essential and top-rated business skill we have for you is the possession of practical communication skills. If you do not have top-notch communication skills, you cannot build that comfort between you and your subordinates.

All managers are ineffective and not so ideal who lack proper communication skills. While communicating with your employees, you have to be careful in your body language and facial expressions.

Be careful while expressing your tone of voice. Convey your message clearly to your staff; this is how they can understand their assigned task and meet their goals on time.

Apart from communicating well to your employees, you have to be proficient while listening to them.

You should never and ever take this skill for granted. Improved communication skills give guaranteed success to any business type.

6. Delegation Skills:

Any professional manager has to be great when it comes to assigning tasks to his junior staff. If he knows when and how to assign tasks, he automatically benefits his company or organization.

With this delegation word, we mean that you have to correctly and adequately delegate tasks to your junior-level employees.

Furthermore, you should have explicit knowledge of how your subordinates carry out and perform their routine activities.

All in all, you have to show practical delegation skills. Ensure you achieve and get the right balance when it comes to effectively controlling and allowing your employees to do their job.

The possession of this skill schools and informs you how to make your company or business work.

7. Inculcation of Negotiation Skills:

The last top and needed business skill you have to work on and polish is this negotiation skill. Business-owners negotiate daily, so this skill is quite essential for your business or organization.

You have to be very much aware of this skill importance. Most noteworthy, this formal negotiation is a skill that is only learned and developed by practice, time, and experience.

If you negotiate on an often and frequent basis, this skill will be enhanced in your personality and more.

What you can do is to take part in any of the formal and informal negotiation sessions. Upon getting expertise in this skill, you will know when to say, how to say, and what to say.

The experience in this skill gives you a win-win approach, and you start getting favorable outcomes for your business.

Other Important Business Skills

Below you can see a further explanation that is all about essential business skills. 

Though the skills mentioned above are the need of the hour, you can even equally work on these below-mentioned skills.

So, let us check out the details and get to know about these popular business skills:

1. Sales and Marketing Skills:

Apart from the above-written business skills that you need, you have to work extensively on your sales and marketing skills. 

If you establish this skill at your end, you get and develop keen know-how regarding marketing methods, pricing structures, and advertising and sales techniques.

Also, this skill helps you in analyzing your competitors' unique selling points. Moreover, this skill gives you an in-depth knowledge of industry trends and the marketplace where your business exists.

2. Time Management Skills:

One should not forget the importance of time management skills. This is a common-sense skill that plays a large role in up-scaling and boosting your business profits.

Possessing this skill makes out productive and effective from all angles. This is an important skill, and it is a must for you to master it.

Learning this skill will help you empower your personality, and your business starts to achieve more and more

3. General Management Skills:

On the second last spot, we have general management skills. So, in this skill, you have to direct as well as control your subordinates.

You are assigned this authority to coordinate a bunch of activities, which is only possible if you have general management skills.

Even more, this skill guides you on how to deploy and to direct these human resources. You get a better understanding of allocating your financial resources and also technological resources.

If you want your business to be surrounded by a workable and productive management system, then work on this skill and improve your business growth, enhance your business operations and nurture your stakeholders at the same time.


This is all we have discussed and elaborated on the top 6 business skills, and we have also provided you a list of other details that aid you in growing your business.

So, which business skill matters more these days, you can let us know your feedback.

You can share with us which are the other ways and strategies to improve these business skills. You can comment below or email us at admin@knowyourlifestyle.com. This web page has a lot more exciting details for you, so do not go anywhere.

Thank you for your precious time. You can follow us on twitter and like us on Facebook.

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Monday 12 October 2020

Best Skin and Hair Care Oils and Their Benefits

Nowadays, it is difficult to find true organic products on  the market shelves. Often, when you do find them, they are a little too pricey. In this article, you will find organic alternatives to these expensive products; some of which you may find in your own kitchen!

Let’s find the best skin and hair Oils!

1. Olive Oil

TOP 5 Skin And hair care oils: KnowYourLifestyle

As simple as it sounds, olive oil is excellent for your hair and skin. Extra virgin olive oil is rich in antioxidants, omega 3, omega 6, vitamin E, Vitamin K, saturated fats, monounsaturated fats, and a variety of acids.

Olive oil will be helpful to your hair, scalp, face, body, nails, eyebrows, eyelashes, lips and more! Simply massage the oil where needed and enjoy fully organic beauty care! If you want an even better beauty product, mix with ground coffee or sugar to make an organic homemade scrub!

You also can use olive oils as an:

• Ear-wax Remedy

• Eye Makeup Remover

• Scalp Serum

• Shaving Cream

• Anti-bacterial Balm

• Cuticle Conditioner

• Eczema Remedy

• Diaper Rash Treatment

• Cracked-heel Repair

• Makeup Brush Cleaner

• Eyelash and Eyebrow Serum

• Body Oil

• And Much More!

As you can see, simple olive oil has a lot of different uses!

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2. Coconut Oil

Top 5 Skin and Hair Care Oil: KnowYourLifestyle

Again, most of you can find this in your kitchen already. But, it’s “gold” for your beauty purposes!

Coconut oil is rich in Vitamin E and Lauric Acid (which is identical to the special group of fats found in human breast milk).

Coconut oil uses include:

• Skin Moisturizing

• Natural Makeup Remover

• Deep Skin Cleansing Oil

• Anti-bacterial

• Attacking Fungal Infections

• Protecting from Sunburns

• Reducing Facial Wrinkles

• Preventing Premature Aging Signs

• Soothing Chapped Lips

• Hair Scalp and Hair Mask

• Cuticle Oil

• “Body Butter”

• Body Scrub (with the addition of ground coffee or sugar)

• Body Oil

• Detox Bath

• Much More!

Coconut oil has many unique properties that no other oil contains. For a small price, this one oil can do many things for you!

3.Grapeseed Oil

Top 5 Skin and Hair Care Oils: KnowYourLifestyle

Grape seed oil is rich in polyphenols, antioxidants, linoleic acid, oleic acid, omega 3, omega 6, omega 9, palmitic acid, stearic acid and vitamins E, C, and D. Overall, grapeseed oil is incredibly helpful for healthy hair growth and promoting healthy skin. Grape seed oil is lighter for your hair compared to coconut and olive oil, and it will leave your hair feeling much less greasy.

One interesting fact about grapeseed oil is that it works great as a lubricant. In capsule, form it contains about 80% of proanthocyanins, which are known to improve sexual health.

Beauty benefits of Grapeseed oil include:

• Light-weight Moisturizer

• Balances Oil Production

• Lightens Skin

• Treatment for Hair and Scalp

• Eliminating Dark Circles Under Eyes

• Heat Protector for Your Hair

• Massage Oil

• Hair Scalp Serum for Hair Growth

• Deep Cleansing Oil for Your Pores

• Restoring Collagen and Delaying Wrinkles

• Repairing Skin Cells

4. Avocado Oil

Top 5 Skin and Hair Care Oils: KnowYourLifestyle

Avocado oil is rich in vitamins A, C, D, E, K, palmitic acid, beta-carotene, linoleic acid, lecithin and docosadienoic acid.

Avocado oil beauty benefits include:

• Excellent Moisturizer

• Removing Dark Circles from Under Your Eyes

• Improving Skin Elasticity

• Boost Collagen

• Heal Wounds

• Soothes and Smooths Sun Damaged Skin

• Improves Psoriasis

• Dry Scalp Treatment

• Fight Hair Loss

• Treatment for Eczema

• Slow Premature Aging Process

Avocado oil is an excellent replacement for many organic body care products you see at the store!

5. Castor Oil

Top Skin and Hair Care Oils: KnowYourLifestyle

Castor oil rich in vitamin E and alpha linoleic, linoleic, oleic, palmitic, ricin oleic and stearic acids. Without a doubt, castor oil is one of the best beauty oils on the planet! It’s the best oil for hair growth, and incredibly helpful for skin care.

Benefits of castor oil for hair and other body parts include:

• Deep Cleansing Oil

• Dissolves Warts and Skin Tags

• Moisturize Dry Skin

• Promote Wrinkle-free Skin

• Removes “Corns” on Feet

• DIY Makeup Primer

• Treatment for Psoriasis and Eczema

• Promotes Hair Growth

• Fights Fungal Infections

• Dark Spot and Blemish Treatment

• Anti-Dandruff

• Relieves Pain in Itchy and Inflamed Skin

Castor oil is a “gold” for your beauty purposes! However, Jamaican black castor oil has even more benefits for you!

You can read this article by professional model Anna Targoniy to find out more information about castor oil and black Jamaican castor oil benefits for your hair!

Concluding Thoughts

As you can clearly see, you do not necessarily need to buy the most expensive products to have healthy skin, hair, and nails. All you need to do is find some amazing oils from your kitchen and use them topically.

Doing so will save you a lot of money over the course of a year, and your hair and skin will be thanking you as well!

Do Let me know which oil is best for your skin and hair. If so I’d love to hear about it! Tell me about it in the comments or send me a picture to admin@homehashtagdecor.comYou can follow us on Twitter  and like us on Facebook

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Thursday 8 October 2020

Coping Stress with Yoga

Coping With Stress with Yoga:KnowYourLifestyle

Stress is an essential tool for survival. It is the body's way to respond to any demand or threat or even perceived threat. Once the body senses danger, it activates the defense mechanism of the body, which triggers chemical reactions that will help you deal with the situation. These chains of reactions could be either way and are therefore known as the fight or flight reaction. However, you need to understand that the same set of reactions occur irrespective of whether the demand is on the body or the mind. Too much stress and such reactions could be harmful to your health. By following yoga hacks for less stress such as deep breathing which will supply the necessary oxygen to release the tension that develops in the body can be very useful. 

What are the end products of prolonged stress? 

The not so promising end products of prolonged stress include

• Anxiety

• Low energy

• Lack of motivation to do any work

• Mental exhaustion

• Creative blocks

• Physical ache

• Physical and mental pain

• Insomnia 

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Why should you use yoga? 

Yoga is a term that is usually associated with the different postures that are practiced. This is especially true in the case of western countries. But yoga is much more than that. You will be able to learn the difference because, in India, postures are called asanas, and it is an essential part of the practice of yoga. 

While the asanas physically open up, cleanses and destresses the body, yoga, which also includes different types of meditations, opens up your mind and brings about a body-mind connection. Therefore, yoga hacks for less stress must include a holistic practice that establishes a body-mind connection and enhances inner peace. 

Why and how asanas or positions can help relieve stress? 

Even for a physically exhausting day or to keep you prepared for a physically exhausting day, the yoga hacks for less stress are asanas. It is because the various poses such as forward folds, legs-up-the-wall, cat/cow poses, pigeon pose, bridge pose and the corpse pose all do their bit in opening you up physically and by supplying the essential oxygen that the body organs require through the proper breathing techniques practiced which will help relieve stress. 

How can meditation help relieve stress? 

By now, you would have understood that stress releases a set of chemicals into the bloodstream to cope with the situations. When too much of the chemicals are releasing to cope with prolonged stress, it is detrimental to your well-being. Meditation helps the body and mind to recover faster from the influx of the chemicals and is, therefore, a yoga hack for less stress. The effects of meditation can understand from the changes it brings about in the brain. It includes 

• shrinking of the amygdale will make you calmer and give you enough time for recovery from the chemical influxes caused by tress making you less prone to harmful and undesirable effects. 

• Meditation brings about the growth of the pre-frontal cortex or the gray matter when you spend more time on meditation. When the pre-frontal cortex is functioning effectively through meditation and mindfulness, the lower-order brain's activities get reduced and relieve you of stress. 

• Meditation helps reduce the background noises in your brain. The awareness and measures to control the chatter helps you to savior experiences to the fullest and reduces stress 

• Meditation helps to improve focus and, thereby, memory. The most important feature of all is that the changes that happen to you due to meditation are relatively permanent. 

Changing the Environment 

One of the yoga hacks for less stress that you can depend on when you do not find enough relief is to move away from a place or a situation so that you do not get stuck in the vicious cycle of acting and thinking in the same way as the people around you. 

Mowing away can help you dwell away from it and focus your attention on dealing with it.

Thus, holistic yoga practices can instill a feeling of inner peace and ensure your well-being physically and mentally. 

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Friday 2 October 2020

How To Avoid Back Pain During Traveling

Back Pain is not a good feeling if you are in the middle of your journey. The time and effort you have put to travel and spending your hard-earned money to set you on the road, and with the back pain, I am repeating it, not a good feeling.

Rather than enjoyment, it is annoying, torturing, and takes away the joy of traveling.

But don’t let a backache hold you from traveling anymore, follow the following few simple tips, and have a happy journey.

How to avoid back pain during travelling:KnowYourLifestyle

"Journey is best measured in smiles, not with miles"

According to new research, almost 70% of the individuals suffer from back pain after traveling more than 8 hours a day. It is the number one cause for taking away the joy of traveling.

It is sad and annoying at the same time for letting the back pain overrule us for the love of traveling. We miss many vital scenes, refreshing airs, and places to take photographs.

We get jailed behind bars with back pain. Moreover, 50% of individuals have stopped traveling due to back pain.

However, few tips can treat as well as avoid back pain during traveling. Therefore, do not sit on the couch dreaming of journeys and travel with back pain, instead get back to the road again.

How to Avoid Back Pain During Traveling?

Following are the few simple tips that have helped me very much, and with it, you can travel as well as without even single back Pain episodes.

# Tip no. 1: Wear comfortable clothing.

Wearing tight clothes like jeans often causes back pain. Our body needs proper circulation, fresh blood to deliver energy and oxygen, to remove acids or metabolic wastes that cause pain. But tight clothes block the flow of blood and disconnect the circulation and hence cause back pain.

Therefore, wear cotton clothes which are loose and comfortable.

#Tip no. 2: Drink Plenty of Water

Water is an essential substance for our bodies. It keeps our body well lubricated. For smooth joints movements and proper muscle contractions, lubrication is a must.

With a well-lubricated body, your muscles and joints in the back will function smoother and adequately. Therefore, drink plenty of water before the journey to avoid back pain during traveling.

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#Tip no. 3: Sit Straight and Upright position

Most of us feel comfortable sitting with slouched back. This low position can cause severe damage to our Disk between the backbones. There are even chances of suffering from slipped disk or disk herniation in the longer run. Hence causes severe back pain.

Though we feel comfortable sitting with a slouched back, the back muscles get more involved, tired, and weakened soon. Therefore it cannot hold the backbones in its place, causing disk herniation and back pain.

Always maintain you’re back straight and upright throughout your journey and avoid back pain during traveling.

# Tip no. 4: Stretch yourself before starting the journey

Stretching is one of the best strategies to avoid back pain. Those lazy muscles get a boost up and activated. Right before starting my journey, always perform 5 minutes stretching sessions.

It not only can prevent from getting back pain but also, it relaxes all the tensed muscles to get extra joy from the journey.

# Tip no. 5: Avoid twist and turns

Twist and turning are very harmful to back. It tears our back muscles causing back pain. Therefore, if in case you had to turn, you need to do it along with your body and feet. Avoid twisting your back alone.

# Tip no. 6: Keep your legs to 90 degree

Our legs or lower limbs have stronger muscles of our body. Calf muscles, Quadriceps, and Hamstrings are among them. The reason behind having powerful muscles in our lower limbs is to carry our body load, our trunk, and, most importantly, to redistribute our body weight.

But fold our legs, keeping it in the air and either flexed or extended, can damage the whole biomechanics of our body. It put up more weight on our back and hence causes back pain.

Therefore, always keep your feet touching the floor, avoid folding legs, and always keep your ankle, knee joint, and hips in the 90-90 position, I.e. perpendicular to each other.

# Tip no. 7: Get a Massage

Getting a massage in between your travel is also essential. It relaxes the tensed muscles, stretches the muscles to become more elasticity, and fully activates the back muscles.

All of this beneficial from massage can support your back better and hence can avoid back pain.

# Tip no. 8: Use back support pillow

Finally, the most important, make use of a back support pillow. Our back has a curve known as Lumbar Lordosis. This curve, which is on the lower back, is the most crucial component of our back structure. It helps to absorb the shock received by the back, distribute the body weight, make our body well balanced, and keep the back muscles well activated.

But the curve often disappears during prolonged sitting as in a long journey, which enhances the back pain.

One of the best strategies to maintain the lower back curve is by using a back support pillow. It helps in maintaining the curves; provide proper back supports, and giving soothing effects to our back. Choosing the right back support pillow is essential as well.

Avoid low quality back support pillow, as it can cause more back pain.


If you frequently suffer from lower back pain while traveling, you are not alone. There are millions out there with the same problem. But the only difference between you and them is, you now know eight simple measures and strategies to avoid back pain during traveling.

As you can see, those tips are straightforward, doable, and very effective. Doesn’t stay back with the pain on the back, instead, fly like a bird in your entire journey? Share to let your loved one know about those tips and let them fly like you.

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Monday 28 September 2020

5 Ways To Maintain a Healthier Lifestyle

You might be wondering which excellent ways tell and exhibit you to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle! Here you can see the details about this piece of the discussion.

With a busy life coming ahead, we need to lead a well-balanced and healthier life. Every single day, we should be taking care of our health with extreme seriousness.

5 Ways to Maintain A Healthier Lifestyle: KnowYourLifestyle

Furthermore, leading a healthy, composed, and well-balanced life increases and boosts our productivity. It is high time that we should not be putting off these healthy and result-driven living habits.

Check out the details on how to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle and share your feedback with us.

We hope that with these top 5 ways, you can bring substantial improvements in your health and lifestyle areas. So, reevaluate your lifestyle and see which discrepancies exist in your daily lifestyle routine.

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Start taking lots of fruits and vegetables

Ways To Maintain a Healthier Lifestyle: KnowYourLifestyle

To lead and live a balanced and 100% healthier life, you need to start taking lots of fruits and vegetables. This is the most important tip on how to Develop and Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle.

Adding these nutritious fruits and vegetables right there in your daily routine, strengthens your health foundation. It is recommended to keep on having leafy greens.

In addition, you can have those fruits that are packed with healthy nutrients. Go for that fruit collection that is already injected with many antioxidants and vitamins.

This diet routine boosts your immune system, and you develop a fighter like the potential to handle all diseases. 

As these fruits and vegetables have antioxidants in them, that is why these nutrients are going to keep you protected from eye diseases and gives you healthy skin all in one go.

Lastly, the person increases the chance and overall tendency to fight with some cancers if they regularly incorporate these fruits and vegetables in his diet.

Drink plenty of water

Ways To Maintain a Healthier Lifestyle: KnowYourLifestyle

The next tip we have for you is to drink plenty of water. Most importantly, you can improve your health instantly by opting for this routine.

Throughout the day, you have to drink water; this is the only simple and easy way to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle. You can try out this tip now!

Water is a natural liquid, and it offers immense benefits to the user. This natural liquid is incorporated with extensive benefits of hydration.

Drinking water regularly and continuously is another name of keeping your body hydrated, nourished, and a lot more improved.

This habit of drinking water removes all toxins from your body instantly and immediately. It improves your brain functioning and even energizes your muscles.

Furthermore, drinking plenty of water allows you to give complete control of your body. Your weight gain problems become under-controlled as well.

This habit of water intake balance your body temperature and also fluids presence in it,

Take care of your mental health

Ways To Maintain a Healthier Lifestyle: KnowYourLifestyle

Most noteworthy, you should manage and take care of your mental health. If you wish to build, maintain, and develop a healthy style, then take care of your mental stress levels as much professionally as you can.

Also, you need to manage, analyze, and critically assess your mental and stress-linked feelings regularly. Besides, you should determine what things and people make you happy and which one makes you unhappy.

This is a smart way that tells you how to retain and Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle! If you think that your mental stress health levels are getting disturbed, it is recommended to start exercising and socialize with your best friends.

Take proper sleep and enjoy being part of creative and happy club sessions. By doing so, you can start feeling happy and no longer depressed.

Unwind yourself and look for things that make you happy

Ways To Maintain a Healthier Lifestyle: KnowYourLifestyle

Moving to more details on how to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle, it is advised to unwind and distress yourself.

You should put a full stop to all those things that bring stress and trauma in your life.

Whenever you are stressed out, relax and start taking deep breaths. Moreover, you should do relaxing and healthy activities regularly.

As an example, you can do meditation. Update your music collection and listen to songs that make you happy and energetic.

Go on doing exercise and some physical activities

Ways To Maintain a Healthier Lifestyle: KnowYourLifestyle

The last suggestion regarding the Ways to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle is to indulge yourself in healthy exercises and physical activities.

Upon doing any of the physical activities and experts suggested exercises, you will be able to improve longevity and boost your health status.

Even if you exercise three to four times a week, that is enough for you.


This is all about the details of the smart and easy ways to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle! You can share with us how you maintain and smartly develop a healthy lifestyle at your end.

Keep tuned with us as more tips are coming up.

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Monday 11 May 2020

Best Foods That Keep Your Brain Working Best

A healthy diet is beneficial for our whole body, so there are certain foods that help some areas more than others. Like any other organ of the body, the brain needs nutrients to perform its daily functions: think, memorize, learn, relate concepts or concentrate on some task. There are foods that contribute to these functions are developed correctly.

Best Foods Keep Your Brain Working Best: Know Your Lifestyle
Best Foods Keep Your Brain Working Best
We have to remember an important fact about the brain. It is one of the organs that require more energy, almost 20%. That is why we should not neglect it and attend to what type of food we consume to promote its functions, to improve its circulation avoiding possible thrombi, in addition to adequately nourish it so that its functions are not affected.

When it comes to health then care is the first thing we all consider for a better mind. you can find some of the best care products at Ten Besties.

A clear example of how it can affect us not to nourish ourselves properly is when we go out in the mornings at home without breakfast. Something like this causes us to have concentration difficulties that any task seems like a great mountain.

In addition, shortly we will end up feeling a headache. It must be taken into account, as we also know that foods favor our brain is more active, healthy and young. It is important that you have knowledge of what are those foods that can help you keep your brain healthy.

You can also consume certain supplements and vitamins that will help your brain to be as long as possible in optimal conditions and not suffer a deterioration that would affect your overall health.

Blue Fish:

Best Foods Keep Your Brain Working Best: KnowYourLifestyle
Best Foods Keep Your Brain Working Best

Why are omega-3s so good? They are essential polyunsaturated fats, which only come through the diet. Blue fish, soybean oils and nuts like nuts. To achieve optimum levels of omega-3, you have to consume blue fish 3-4 times a week, which is quite difficult, although there are products enriched with them, milk, eggs, cookies, etc. on the market. It is calculated that 1g. Omega-3 diary reduces cardiovascular risk by 25-30%. There must be a balance between omega-3 and omega-6, 1 of omega-3 by 5-10 of omega-6, and with this we are passing.

They are part of the cells, are basic for neuronal functions and participate in the formation of the retina. Pleasure: a casserole or papillote baked, with bonito, tuna or horse mackerel, chopped onion and tomato sauce, “the sauce of life”.


Best Foods Keep Your Brain Working Best: KnowYourLifestyle
Best Foods Keep Your Brain Working Best
How many bananas do you have right now at home? You must not miss, remember. It is rich in glucose, essential to provide energy to our brain, it also has vitamins B6, folic acid, and minerals such as magnesium, calcium , phosphorus and, of course, potassium .

It is a very energetic and healthy food that also contains a soluble fiber promotes intestinal movement avoiding constipation. And do not miss this information, being so rich in vitamin B6, improves our memory and our good mood. Just one more recommendation, it will not be indicated if for example you have diabetes.


Best Foods Keep Your Brain Working Best: KnowYourLifestyle
Best Foods Keep Your Brain Working Best
The biographer of the Marquis de Sade said that it was stimulating, lively, passionate, diabolical, magical, miraculous, but also poisonous because all the described goodness associated with gluttony, one of the seven deadly sins.

It is a wonder that if taken without abuse, better black, (one ounce each day) helps prevent cardiovascular problems, reduce blood pressure, vitamin E antioxidant effect benefits the circulatory system, provides B vitamins, a lot of potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium.

The white does not carry cocoa and therefore we say that it is not chocolate, with milk it takes a part of cocoa and from 70% of cocoa it is wonderful and delicious.

After ingesting a dose of 100g. of dark chocolate (more than 70% cocoa) was observed, in a research on dark chocolate carried out by experts from the School of Medicine and the University of Athens (Greece), a beneficial effect on the secretory function of the cells that cover the blood vessels.

One ounce favors the production of endorphins brain substances that make you feel good, release stress and activate mood. In addition, cocoa decreases the formation of free radicals that cause cancer and premature aging.


Best Foods Keep Your Brain Working Best: KnowYourLifestyle
Best Foods Keep Your Brain Working Best:
It is called folic acid because it is found in the leaves (“folia” in Latin) of vegetables. Folic acid and iron, this best “heme”.

The liver rich in iron that carries oxygen to the brain, and folic acid (vitamin B9) that improves brain performance. The menu of vegetables rich in folic acid when you want and the liver every 10-15 days.


Best Foods Keep Your Brain Working Best: KnowYourLifestyle
Best Foods Keep Your Brain Working Best
Eggs are packed with Choline. The yolk contains choline, an essential nutrient for the formation of the brain and for the optimal maintenance of its functions. Might be many of us are not aware about this fact  that Choline keeps our brain cells healthy, particularly it provide strength to membranes and help them to maintain structure.

That means your brain will be able to stay sharp and healthy for a longer time.


Best Foods Keep Your Brain Working Best: KnowYourLifestyle
Best Foods Keep Your Brain Working Best
These days everyone likes to eat oats in their breakfast, Specially kids. This cereal is nutritious and among its main benefits is the power to give energy and combat intellectual fatigue after a day of studies and work. Oats contains Iron, B Vitamins and magnesium. Most of it oats are real convenient food.

Almonds and nuts:

Best Foods Keep Your Brain Working Best: KnowYourLifestyle
Best Foods Keep Your Brain Working Best
Beneficial nuts for the functioning of the brain and nervous system. Its consumption is an important source of proteins, vitamins, fats, carbohydrates, iron and phosphorus.

To have an active mind we must maintain a healthy diet, exercise our brain.
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Monday 13 January 2020

Vaccination Benefits and Evolution

Vaccination Benefits and Evolution:Know Your Lifestyle
Vaccination Benefits and Evolution

Vaccines have the potency to protect humans from severe diseases like pneumonia, chickenpox, meningitis, hepatitis, etc. These chronic infections can cause a lot of suffering and even lead to complication.

Some viruses can also stay in dormant forms and cause severe damage to the organs infected — for example, measles induced encephalitis, liver cirrhosis from hepatitis virus, etc.
Vaccines are so effective that, if given on time, they can save lives.

They can also prevent the resurgence of the germ in a different form. E.g. the varicella vaccine given in childhood can prevent chickenpox in the child and can later protect him from the virus re-emerging as shingles in adulthood.


Shingles caused when the dormant chickenpox virus gets reactivated in adulthood. So, doctors often recommend a booster chickenpox vaccine in high dose for those who have already had chickenpox. I eliminate the risk of getting infected again.

Vaccination versus better hygiene 


Improvements in health and hygiene of course help, but vaccination outweighs them all. Adequate availability of medical aid and antibiotics has indeed reduced fatalities due to diseases. Vaccines, however, have a significant impact because after all, prevention is better than cure. Thanks to these inventions, many of the infectious sicknesses have almost disappeared.

Some of the diseases which had deadly outcomes before the introduction of vaccines are –

•   Smallpox
•   Diphtheria
•   Whooping cough
•   Measles
•   Tetanus, etc.

Introduction of toxoid vaccines ensured a dramatic drop in diphtheria affected cases. 

On the other hand, better hygiene is not that effective if there is no vaccination. Polio is one such example. Even though people maintained good health, there was a significant increase in polio, which resulted in deaths.

Many children had paralysis and consequent death from Polio infections. After the introduction of vaccines, the disease has curtailed

What about the recent complaints against vaccinations?


The past three decades have experienced an increase in the number of people developing autoimmune and allergic diseases. Although some people blame vaccines for this, there’s no substantial evidence to support their claim.

Some people are allergic to a particular component of a vaccine, but this is also very rare.

Do vaccines have the same benefits during pregnancy?


Inactivated vaccines are safe to take during pregnancy.

The risks are as low as seen in the average population, and the side effects are usually mild. It has not established that vaccines have caused any congenital disabilities. The inactivated vaccines if administered to a pregnant woman, keep the unborn baby and the mother safe from several infections, like influenza.

However, doctors strictly avoid recommending live, weakened vaccines for pregnant women as there is a possibility of the live viruses getting transmitted into the foetus, thus causing complications in the baby. Note that this has no evidence as well.

Existing vaccines can be made more useful in the coming years!


There is a promising chance that the present vaccines can be modified and used in newer ways. For example, DNA vaccines may soon be developed. These will consist of a DNA coding for a particular antigen. DNA itself produces the antigen and generates an immune response.

Making vaccines more Effective 


Technologies are introducing to make vaccines more powerful. Vaccines usually administered once often tend to fade away with age. So, it will be made more effective so that one can avoid taking multiple shots of the same. Plant-based edible vaccines are still under research that will have lesser side effects and more benefits.

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