Best Foods That Keep Your Brain Working Best

A healthy diet is beneficial for our whole body, so there are certain foods that help some areas more than others. Like any other organ of the body, the brain needs nutrients to perform its daily functions: think, memorize, learn, relate concepts or concentrate on some task. There are foods that contribute to these functions are developed correctly.

Best Foods Keep Your Brain Working Best: Know Your Lifestyle
Best Foods Keep Your Brain Working Best
We have to remember an important fact about the brain. It is one of the organs that require more energy, almost 20%. That is why we should not neglect it and attend to what type of food we consume to promote its functions, to improve its circulation avoiding possible thrombi, in addition to adequately nourish it so that its functions are not affected.

When it comes to health then care is the first thing we all consider for a better mind. you can find some of the best care products at Ten Besties.

A clear example of how it can affect us not to nourish ourselves properly is when we go out in the mornings at home without breakfast. Something like this causes us to have concentration difficulties that any task seems like a great mountain.

In addition, shortly we will end up feeling a headache. It must be taken into account, as we also know that foods favor our brain is more active, healthy and young. It is important that you have knowledge of what are those foods that can help you keep your brain healthy.

You can also consume certain supplements and vitamins that will help your brain to be as long as possible in optimal conditions and not suffer a deterioration that would affect your overall health.

Blue Fish:

Best Foods Keep Your Brain Working Best: KnowYourLifestyle
Best Foods Keep Your Brain Working Best

Why are omega-3s so good? They are essential polyunsaturated fats, which only come through the diet. Blue fish, soybean oils and nuts like nuts. To achieve optimum levels of omega-3, you have to consume blue fish 3-4 times a week, which is quite difficult, although there are products enriched with them, milk, eggs, cookies, etc. on the market. It is calculated that 1g. Omega-3 diary reduces cardiovascular risk by 25-30%. There must be a balance between omega-3 and omega-6, 1 of omega-3 by 5-10 of omega-6, and with this we are passing.

They are part of the cells, are basic for neuronal functions and participate in the formation of the retina. Pleasure: a casserole or papillote baked, with bonito, tuna or horse mackerel, chopped onion and tomato sauce, “the sauce of life”.


Best Foods Keep Your Brain Working Best: KnowYourLifestyle
Best Foods Keep Your Brain Working Best
How many bananas do you have right now at home? You must not miss, remember. It is rich in glucose, essential to provide energy to our brain, it also has vitamins B6, folic acid, and minerals such as magnesium, calcium , phosphorus and, of course, potassium .

It is a very energetic and healthy food that also contains a soluble fiber promotes intestinal movement avoiding constipation. And do not miss this information, being so rich in vitamin B6, improves our memory and our good mood. Just one more recommendation, it will not be indicated if for example you have diabetes.


Best Foods Keep Your Brain Working Best: KnowYourLifestyle
Best Foods Keep Your Brain Working Best
The biographer of the Marquis de Sade said that it was stimulating, lively, passionate, diabolical, magical, miraculous, but also poisonous because all the described goodness associated with gluttony, one of the seven deadly sins.

It is a wonder that if taken without abuse, better black, (one ounce each day) helps prevent cardiovascular problems, reduce blood pressure, vitamin E antioxidant effect benefits the circulatory system, provides B vitamins, a lot of potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium.

The white does not carry cocoa and therefore we say that it is not chocolate, with milk it takes a part of cocoa and from 70% of cocoa it is wonderful and delicious.

After ingesting a dose of 100g. of dark chocolate (more than 70% cocoa) was observed, in a research on dark chocolate carried out by experts from the School of Medicine and the University of Athens (Greece), a beneficial effect on the secretory function of the cells that cover the blood vessels.

One ounce favors the production of endorphins brain substances that make you feel good, release stress and activate mood. In addition, cocoa decreases the formation of free radicals that cause cancer and premature aging.


Best Foods Keep Your Brain Working Best: KnowYourLifestyle
Best Foods Keep Your Brain Working Best:
It is called folic acid because it is found in the leaves (“folia” in Latin) of vegetables. Folic acid and iron, this best “heme”.

The liver rich in iron that carries oxygen to the brain, and folic acid (vitamin B9) that improves brain performance. The menu of vegetables rich in folic acid when you want and the liver every 10-15 days.


Best Foods Keep Your Brain Working Best: KnowYourLifestyle
Best Foods Keep Your Brain Working Best
Eggs are packed with Choline. The yolk contains choline, an essential nutrient for the formation of the brain and for the optimal maintenance of its functions. Might be many of us are not aware about this fact  that Choline keeps our brain cells healthy, particularly it provide strength to membranes and help them to maintain structure.

That means your brain will be able to stay sharp and healthy for a longer time.


Best Foods Keep Your Brain Working Best: KnowYourLifestyle
Best Foods Keep Your Brain Working Best
These days everyone likes to eat oats in their breakfast, Specially kids. This cereal is nutritious and among its main benefits is the power to give energy and combat intellectual fatigue after a day of studies and work. Oats contains Iron, B Vitamins and magnesium. Most of it oats are real convenient food.

Almonds and nuts:

Best Foods Keep Your Brain Working Best: KnowYourLifestyle
Best Foods Keep Your Brain Working Best
Beneficial nuts for the functioning of the brain and nervous system. Its consumption is an important source of proteins, vitamins, fats, carbohydrates, iron and phosphorus.

To have an active mind we must maintain a healthy diet, exercise our brain.

Vaccination Benefits and Evolution

Vaccination Benefits and Evolution:Know Your Lifestyle
Vaccination Benefits and Evolution

Vaccines have the potency to protect humans from severe diseases like pneumonia, chickenpox, meningitis, hepatitis, etc. These chronic infections can cause a lot of suffering and even lead to complication.

Some viruses can also stay in dormant forms and cause severe damage to the organs infected — for example, measles induced encephalitis, liver cirrhosis from hepatitis virus, etc.
Vaccines are so effective that, if given on time, they can save lives.

They can also prevent the resurgence of the germ in a different form. E.g. the varicella vaccine given in childhood can prevent chickenpox in the child and can later protect him from the virus re-emerging as shingles in adulthood.


Shingles caused when the dormant chickenpox virus gets reactivated in adulthood. So, doctors often recommend a booster chickenpox vaccine in high dose for those who have already had chickenpox. I eliminate the risk of getting infected again.

Vaccination versus better hygiene 


Improvements in health and hygiene of course help, but vaccination outweighs them all. Adequate availability of medical aid and antibiotics has indeed reduced fatalities due to diseases. Vaccines, however, have a significant impact because after all, prevention is better than cure. Thanks to these inventions, many of the infectious sicknesses have almost disappeared.

Some of the diseases which had deadly outcomes before the introduction of vaccines are –

•   Smallpox
•   Diphtheria
•   Whooping cough
•   Measles
•   Tetanus, etc.

Introduction of toxoid vaccines ensured a dramatic drop in diphtheria affected cases. 

On the other hand, better hygiene is not that effective if there is no vaccination. Polio is one such example. Even though people maintained good health, there was a significant increase in polio, which resulted in deaths.

Many children had paralysis and consequent death from Polio infections. After the introduction of vaccines, the disease has curtailed

What about the recent complaints against vaccinations?


The past three decades have experienced an increase in the number of people developing autoimmune and allergic diseases. Although some people blame vaccines for this, there’s no substantial evidence to support their claim.

Some people are allergic to a particular component of a vaccine, but this is also very rare.

Do vaccines have the same benefits during pregnancy?


Inactivated vaccines are safe to take during pregnancy.

The risks are as low as seen in the average population, and the side effects are usually mild. It has not established that vaccines have caused any congenital disabilities. The inactivated vaccines if administered to a pregnant woman, keep the unborn baby and the mother safe from several infections, like influenza.

However, doctors strictly avoid recommending live, weakened vaccines for pregnant women as there is a possibility of the live viruses getting transmitted into the foetus, thus causing complications in the baby. Note that this has no evidence as well.

Existing vaccines can be made more useful in the coming years!


There is a promising chance that the present vaccines can be modified and used in newer ways. For example, DNA vaccines may soon be developed. These will consist of a DNA coding for a particular antigen. DNA itself produces the antigen and generates an immune response.

Making vaccines more Effective 


Technologies are introducing to make vaccines more powerful. Vaccines usually administered once often tend to fade away with age. So, it will be made more effective so that one can avoid taking multiple shots of the same. Plant-based edible vaccines are still under research that will have lesser side effects and more benefits.


The New Fuss About Women Top

The Honest Truth on Women Tops

There are a few tips women should consider before buying any types of tops to avoid inappropriate looks. You must display subtle that you're a sexually alive woman who's approachable. Righteous women will always make the appropriate decision to conform to the overall code of morality, and also in line with the moment, place, and occasion. Some Christian ladies cover their heads on a lot of religious events while the nuns cover their heads all of the time. Don't forget that you're competing with every other woman there to capture the interest of the very best man possible.

The New Fuss About Women Top: Know Your Lifestyle

The New Fuss About Women Top

If you're a woman who only loves designer and fashionable clothes, then you're at the correct place. For one, keep in mind that you ought to choose women's blouses if you're trying to find a feminine look. Many women from different countries take part in catwalk competitions, and a few of them appear before judges with plus size designer clothes.

If you're a pear, your fashion aim is to elongate your figure, so you look less bottom-heavy. The essential advantage when wearing long sleeves is that you don't have to be concerned about flabby upper arms, veins, or another issue that women might be worried about. Endless alternatives available the stark difference between women and men jewelry is the range of options out there. Button-down shirts arrive in a diverse variety of colors.

New Step by Step Roadmap for Women Tops

You may use leggings or shorts with the tops, or you may also use the fit old trousers or three-quarters. Jeans with fading under the knee may even get the job done very well. Generally, if jeans are allowed on the job, it's ideal for adhering to a darker wash and jeans, which are free of rips and tears. Skinny jeans, which are skintight and boyfriend jeans (oversized denim), would not be suitable for the workplace. Knee-length shorts are the ideal option for a pear body form.

Plus size tunics for women have gained popularity among women, and it is by far the most preferred wear that a lot of women wear. A long-sleeved sheer tunic in a suitable color is going to keep you protected from sunlight and permit your floral print to peek through at the same moment.

 You need to get familiar with distinct kinds of blouses that go with various fashions of pants or skirts. Generally, shirts suitable for the workplace have sleeves and aren't sheer. You have to pick the best dresses that will be suitable for your affliction. There are plus-size dresses offered for obese individuals.

When making a style statement, it's not only about wearing the clothes that fit you best, but also, it depends upon how it is possible to adjust to the most recent trends in women's clothing. Purchase the trendiest Top No one would love to obtain old clothes. Long finished garments and shorts can find in plus size designer clothes, and they can see in hundreds of colors.

The Pain of Women Tops

Some individuals think overalls aren't considered fashionable. We say they're erroneous. Fashions and apparels weren't so vital in the last few decades. To a certain extent, it's a fact that jewelry is intended for women. We can say that it's the very first love of every woman. 

The contemporary men's jewelry is also designed to keep you updated with the ornate and elaborate appearance, which was previously meant just for women. Men's jewelry, on the opposite hand, retains a dull appearance and doesn't have any frills.

All you have to do is to select a style which suits you, and you'll be able to delight in wearing women's blouses! You can discover some affordable techniques from Rosario. There are various styles and silhouettes you may try!

When you are selecting the top for any occasion, you want to consider the sort of top which you need and the event that you're going to be wearing the top.

Sleeveless tops can be quite flattering in case you have beautiful, toned arms. When selecting a top, do not forget that the most significant issue is to make sure you will be comfortable wearing that top. To seem trendy, you can want to accessorize the tops with funky jewelry — women's tops made from unique kinds of fabric materials.

Tops are a vital portion of women's clothing. For ladies, obtaining a trendy and fashionable top provides you with the look that you want. For ladies, tops are somewhat more critical than bottoms, and that's why lots of companies are ready to market many designed trendy tops. 

Most importantly, you always need to pick a top that makes you genuinely feel fabulous. Equipment tops come Women's tops in the selection of styles and designs; you do not need to settle for something which you don't like to wear. They considered a classic type of outwears. A number of Equipment tops may also wear with a skirt or leggings.

I hope Information provided by me in article will help you. Still something left which is bothering you, feel free to ask us anything.

We will be really pleased to provide all the answers to your queries and solutions to your problems. For our upcoming articles so stay tuned for more updates.

If you have any question, queries or suggestions feel free to say via comments. I will reply back as soon as possible for me.

Do You Know Pomegranate Health Benefits

Do You Know Pomegranates Health Benefits:Know Your Lifestyle
Pomegranates Health Benefits
Seldom is there a fruit or vegetable or plant that does not have medicinal properties. There is a myth among people only some green fruits and vegetables are healthy. You have to understand the fact, that some fruits have more concentration of nutrients than the remaining ones. Also, cartoons such as Popeye have made spinach popular.

In this article, we are going to discuss on the health benefits of pomegranates.
The fruit contains phytochemicals and has been popular in medicine for thousands of years.
Fresh juice doesn’t have to be green or full of spinach to be healthy. Pomegranate juice contains more than 100 phytochemicals.

1. Antioxidants

The tiny red seeds in pomegranate have always fascinated mankind. In fact, they get the red color due to polyphenols. The juice of this fruit has high level of antioxidants, in fact more than green tea and red wine. Some medicinal benefits of drinking this juice are reducing inflammation, protection of cells getting damaged and removal of free radicals.

2. Vitamin C

When you consume a single pomegranate, please note that it has fulfilled more than the daily need of Vitamin C of your body. So always opt for fresh juices.

3. Prevention of Cancer

Research is still on to prove that pomegranate juice can prevent the growth of cancer cells. The anti-oxidants in focus are known as flavonoids.

4. Protection against Alzheimer

Similar to prevention of cancer, the antioxidants can also protect the brain cells from damage and prevent the development of Alzheimer disease.

5. Digestion

The juice of pomegranate has the ability to reduce inflammation in the intestine and promote the digestive process. So, now you know the remedy in times of inflammatory bowel diseases, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

6. Arthritis

The magical component is called as flavonols which can assist in reducing the inflammation of the bones which leads to damage of cartilages and osteoarthritis. Further studies are going on to study for the medicinal effects on inflammation of joints and rheumatoid arthritis.

7. Heart disease

Juice made from pomegranate can enhance the flow of blood. It also has the ability to keep the arteries from becoming thick/stiff. Yet, ensure you consult the physician in case of a long standing history of high blood pressure.

8. Anti-viral properties

Pomegranate has immune boosting nutrients such as vitamin C, E, it can help your body ward off infection. In addition, the juice also has high amount of potassium, folate as well Vitamin K.

9. Usage in Sports

 In recent times, this juice can be regarded as the best performance enhancer in sports. The reason – it reduces soreness as well enhance recovery strength. It also has the capability to reduce oxidative damage caused due to more physical activity.


Usually, anemia is described as a situation where you have less concentration of blood in the body. Pomegranates, being a good source of iron, can assist in reducing the anemia symptoms such as weakness, dizziness and exhaustion.


In the ancient times, only wise men had the authority to express their views on heath and related topics. Now, anyone can pass a comment with even false information, and if repeated ten times, the false information can also become true. However, this article has been written based on information from sources such as .

There are other benefits of pomegranate such as
  1. Because of their anti-viral /anti-bacterial properties, pomegranates can reduce the after-effects of dental plaque as well protection against oral diseases.
  2. They can also prevent the formation of enzymes that promote breakdown of connective tissues in the human body.
  3. When given to women in pregnancy, they prevent low birth weight of infants.
  4.  Can help women get rid of post-menstruation problems such as depression.

Top 10 Mind Blowing Beauty Tips for Girls

Top 10 Mind Blowing Beauty Tips for Girls : KnowYourLifestyle

Top 10 Mind Blowing Beauty Tips for Girls
Every girl wants to look beautiful and fresh. If it is your goal as well then it is time to unlock some beauty tips which help you get clear and young skin.

Say no to refined foods:

One of the best ways to stay beautiful is to avoid eating refined or processed foods. These types of foods take important nutrients away from you that are needed by your body and make your skin look dull. Apart from that, they can also take you towards different health issues like those that you are constipated.

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Prefer raw food:

Eating raw foods means do not overcook your food. Such kind of practice will improve your beauty, as raw foods are still full of vitamins and other nutrients that make your skin and hair look healthy and fresh. It has been proven that raw foods can make your wrinkles and age lines less prominent.

The first thing to do when you wake up in the morning:

When you wake up in the morning, it is best that you drink a glass full of water and after that eat any of your favorite fruit like apple. This practice would ensure that your skin is properly hydrated and the fruit would help in keeping its glow.Also, such repetition can also help you maintain your weight,or you may be able to lose some.

To maintain your beauty, your skin must have good moisture. To achieve that, you are required to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. It helps in flushing out harmful toxins from the body as well as it can also help you to get rid of excess heat.

Drink milk in routine:

Drinking milk is one of the best practice that you can do topreserve your beauty. When you drink milk every day, you would be providing your body with the nutrients that are essential to strengthen your hair and bones. Apart from that, it can also make you look younger and boost up your health.

Use cream as a skin cleanser:

Cleaning your skin on a regular basis is important in maintaining its beauty. However, use of cream cleanser is the best choice to make to do this, since it will not take any natural oil away from your skin, which protects it. Do not use anything that can dry your skin, since it can become disposed to bacteria and skin damage.

Use rosewater for toning your skin:

Using rosewater as a skin toner has many benefits. A natural ingredient helps in maintaining the healthy looks of your skin. Rosewater contains substances, which maintains your skin moisture. Further, it is also a good solution to use if you have allergic skin or if you want to treat sunburns.

Never pick pimples:

Having pimples on your face affects your beauty. Thus, you would never want them to multiply. If you pick your pimples, you are multiplying because pricking it can spread the infection more. It can also damage your skin tissues around a pimple. 

Sometimes acne can attack without any warning. If you have a severe acne problem, you should not waste in treating it. Make a visit to a dermatologist as soon as possible, so that you can find a solution finally to stop it and live a life without hiding from facing people with healthy and acne free skin.

Exfoliate your hand and feet every week:

Having hands and feet that are soft and smooth would enhance your already beautiful image. To achieve that, you should exfoliate your hands and feet at least once a week, with the use of a natural exfoliating scrub. Spread it in light circular motions and gently massage your skin.

Solution to your yellow nails:

Yellow nails are obviously something that you cannot be proud of. Thus, if you have them, you can simply make use of some homemade remedy for whitening it. All you have to do is to mix lemon juice, rose petals with clean water in a bowl, and dip your hands into it. After going through this process, apply some moisturizing lotion for best results.

Use lip balm:

Maintaining the condition of your lips can also improve your beauty. It is always best to carry a lip balm with you wherever you go out. Lip balm prevents your lips from drying out. Therefore, you can say it as one of the best ways to prevent lip chapping. With any of the suitable lip balm, it helps to soften your lips.

Be gentle with the skin around your eyes:

The skin under your eyes is very sensitive. Thus, it is required that you are gentle with it. You should not be harsh and should not scratch it since it would affect your looks. If you do not care about it and continue, it to stretching your face would look wrinkled or loose in early age.

Pay attention to your weight:

One of the main thing that can damage your beauty is your weight. You are required to pay close attention to it. Do not either gain too much or lose too much of it because after that you would start to face problems in proper fitting of your clothes. Thus, it is important to maintain your weight at a perfect level, so that you would look fit, attractive and healthy all the time. You should know how to control your weight.

Stay away from the sun exposure:

Exposing yourself to the sun can affect your skin badly, which can result in having damaged skin and pimples. It can also cause make your skin dry. Therefore, the best solution is to stay in the shade for most of the daytime. If you badly need to go out, then make use of a quality sunblock or sunscreen product.