Friday, 2 October 2020

How To Avoid Back Pain During Traveling

Back Pain is not a good feeling if you are in the middle of your journey. The time and effort you have put to travel and spending your hard-earned money to set you on the road, and with the back pain, I am repeating it, not a good feeling.

Rather than enjoyment, it is annoying, torturing, and takes away the joy of traveling.

But don’t let a backache hold you from traveling anymore, follow the following few simple tips, and have a happy journey.

How to avoid back pain during travelling:KnowYourLifestyle

"Journey is best measured in smiles, not with miles"

According to new research, almost 70% of the individuals suffer from back pain after traveling more than 8 hours a day. It is the number one cause for taking away the joy of traveling.

It is sad and annoying at the same time for letting the back pain overrule us for the love of traveling. We miss many vital scenes, refreshing airs, and places to take photographs.

We get jailed behind bars with back pain. Moreover, 50% of individuals have stopped traveling due to back pain.

However, few tips can treat as well as avoid back pain during traveling. Therefore, do not sit on the couch dreaming of journeys and travel with back pain, instead get back to the road again.

How to Avoid Back Pain During Traveling?

Following are the few simple tips that have helped me very much, and with it, you can travel as well as without even single back Pain episodes.

# Tip no. 1: Wear comfortable clothing.

Wearing tight clothes like jeans often causes back pain. Our body needs proper circulation, fresh blood to deliver energy and oxygen, to remove acids or metabolic wastes that cause pain. But tight clothes block the flow of blood and disconnect the circulation and hence cause back pain.

Therefore, wear cotton clothes which are loose and comfortable.

#Tip no. 2: Drink Plenty of Water

Water is an essential substance for our bodies. It keeps our body well lubricated. For smooth joints movements and proper muscle contractions, lubrication is a must.

With a well-lubricated body, your muscles and joints in the back will function smoother and adequately. Therefore, drink plenty of water before the journey to avoid back pain during traveling.

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#Tip no. 3: Sit Straight and Upright position

Most of us feel comfortable sitting with slouched back. This low position can cause severe damage to our Disk between the backbones. There are even chances of suffering from slipped disk or disk herniation in the longer run. Hence causes severe back pain.

Though we feel comfortable sitting with a slouched back, the back muscles get more involved, tired, and weakened soon. Therefore it cannot hold the backbones in its place, causing disk herniation and back pain.

Always maintain you’re back straight and upright throughout your journey and avoid back pain during traveling.

# Tip no. 4: Stretch yourself before starting the journey

Stretching is one of the best strategies to avoid back pain. Those lazy muscles get a boost up and activated. Right before starting my journey, always perform 5 minutes stretching sessions.

It not only can prevent from getting back pain but also, it relaxes all the tensed muscles to get extra joy from the journey.

# Tip no. 5: Avoid twist and turns

Twist and turning are very harmful to back. It tears our back muscles causing back pain. Therefore, if in case you had to turn, you need to do it along with your body and feet. Avoid twisting your back alone.

# Tip no. 6: Keep your legs to 90 degree

Our legs or lower limbs have stronger muscles of our body. Calf muscles, Quadriceps, and Hamstrings are among them. The reason behind having powerful muscles in our lower limbs is to carry our body load, our trunk, and, most importantly, to redistribute our body weight.

But fold our legs, keeping it in the air and either flexed or extended, can damage the whole biomechanics of our body. It put up more weight on our back and hence causes back pain.

Therefore, always keep your feet touching the floor, avoid folding legs, and always keep your ankle, knee joint, and hips in the 90-90 position, I.e. perpendicular to each other.

# Tip no. 7: Get a Massage

Getting a massage in between your travel is also essential. It relaxes the tensed muscles, stretches the muscles to become more elasticity, and fully activates the back muscles.

All of this beneficial from massage can support your back better and hence can avoid back pain.

# Tip no. 8: Use back support pillow

Finally, the most important, make use of a back support pillow. Our back has a curve known as Lumbar Lordosis. This curve, which is on the lower back, is the most crucial component of our back structure. It helps to absorb the shock received by the back, distribute the body weight, make our body well balanced, and keep the back muscles well activated.

But the curve often disappears during prolonged sitting as in a long journey, which enhances the back pain.

One of the best strategies to maintain the lower back curve is by using a back support pillow. It helps in maintaining the curves; provide proper back supports, and giving soothing effects to our back. Choosing the right back support pillow is essential as well.

Avoid low quality back support pillow, as it can cause more back pain.


If you frequently suffer from lower back pain while traveling, you are not alone. There are millions out there with the same problem. But the only difference between you and them is, you now know eight simple measures and strategies to avoid back pain during traveling.

As you can see, those tips are straightforward, doable, and very effective. Doesn’t stay back with the pain on the back, instead, fly like a bird in your entire journey? Share to let your loved one know about those tips and let them fly like you.