Monday 6 January 2020

Do You Know Pomegranate Health Benefits

Do You Know Pomegranates Health Benefits:Know Your Lifestyle
Pomegranates Health Benefits
Seldom is there a fruit or vegetable or plant that does not have medicinal properties. There is a myth among people only some green fruits and vegetables are healthy. You have to understand the fact, that some fruits have more concentration of nutrients than the remaining ones. Also, cartoons such as Popeye have made spinach popular.

In this article, we are going to discuss on the health benefits of pomegranates.
The fruit contains phytochemicals and has been popular in medicine for thousands of years.
Fresh juice doesn’t have to be green or full of spinach to be healthy. Pomegranate juice contains more than 100 phytochemicals.

1. Antioxidants

The tiny red seeds in pomegranate have always fascinated mankind. In fact, they get the red color due to polyphenols. The juice of this fruit has high level of antioxidants, in fact more than green tea and red wine. Some medicinal benefits of drinking this juice are reducing inflammation, protection of cells getting damaged and removal of free radicals.

2. Vitamin C

When you consume a single pomegranate, please note that it has fulfilled more than the daily need of Vitamin C of your body. So always opt for fresh juices.

3. Prevention of Cancer

Research is still on to prove that pomegranate juice can prevent the growth of cancer cells. The anti-oxidants in focus are known as flavonoids.

4. Protection against Alzheimer

Similar to prevention of cancer, the antioxidants can also protect the brain cells from damage and prevent the development of Alzheimer disease.

5. Digestion

The juice of pomegranate has the ability to reduce inflammation in the intestine and promote the digestive process. So, now you know the remedy in times of inflammatory bowel diseases, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

6. Arthritis

The magical component is called as flavonols which can assist in reducing the inflammation of the bones which leads to damage of cartilages and osteoarthritis. Further studies are going on to study for the medicinal effects on inflammation of joints and rheumatoid arthritis.

7. Heart disease

Juice made from pomegranate can enhance the flow of blood. It also has the ability to keep the arteries from becoming thick/stiff. Yet, ensure you consult the physician in case of a long standing history of high blood pressure.

8. Anti-viral properties

Pomegranate has immune boosting nutrients such as vitamin C, E, it can help your body ward off infection. In addition, the juice also has high amount of potassium, folate as well Vitamin K.

9. Usage in Sports

 In recent times, this juice can be regarded as the best performance enhancer in sports. The reason – it reduces soreness as well enhance recovery strength. It also has the capability to reduce oxidative damage caused due to more physical activity.


Usually, anemia is described as a situation where you have less concentration of blood in the body. Pomegranates, being a good source of iron, can assist in reducing the anemia symptoms such as weakness, dizziness and exhaustion.


In the ancient times, only wise men had the authority to express their views on heath and related topics. Now, anyone can pass a comment with even false information, and if repeated ten times, the false information can also become true. However, this article has been written based on information from sources such as webmd.com .

There are other benefits of pomegranate such as
  1. Because of their anti-viral /anti-bacterial properties, pomegranates can reduce the after-effects of dental plaque as well protection against oral diseases.
  2. They can also prevent the formation of enzymes that promote breakdown of connective tissues in the human body.
  3. When given to women in pregnancy, they prevent low birth weight of infants.
  4.  Can help women get rid of post-menstruation problems such as depression.