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Aquarium Keeping Tips For Beginners

Are you planning on having an aquarium at your home or office? Amazing!!!

Aquarium Keeping Tips for Beginners:Know Your Lifestyle
Aquarium Keeping Tips for Beginners

An Aquarium is a most beautiful and most relaxing space in a home decor. But make sure that you planned it well before you are going for it. A glass aquarium of minimum 2 ft recommended size is best for the first time. Good lighting, Proper filtration, right temperature and constant care are the prerequisite for having fishes as pets.

You also have to research for the type of fish. Some fishes are aggressive, some grow very fast. Make sure you have enough choices and select one that won’t die easily. Here are some special tips for the beginners of keeping an aquarium.

Aquarium Keeping Tips


Fish watching is one of the most refreshing and chilling exercises. You might have dreamt of keeping an aquarium in your home or office. The first thing you must acquire for having an aquarium is patience. Make sure that you understand all necessary prerequisites before adding fishes to the tank.

Choose a perfect location


Choosing a right location for your aquarium is not an easy task. You have to select it very carefully. There are some important tips for selecting the perfect location:

• Place it away from the heat source.
• Place it away from the windows or direct sunlight.
• Don’t place it in a noisy area or closer to the doors.
• Make sure that the place is near a double electric switchboard.

Wash gravel


Once you select the perfect corner of your home for the tank, it’s time to set up your aquarium. Wash the Gravel and other decorative stuff carefully and thoroughly. Don’t use any soap for washing. It may kill your fishes.
You can use a colander and clean water to wash the gravel. Keep the tap open at full pressure to wash it. Repeat the process twice or thrice. Place gravel very carefully in the tank. Take help of internet for this.

Add water to the tank


You should be very careful about adding water to your tank. In order to keep the gravel in place, you can use a saucer before filling the tank. Fill the aquarium with DE-chlorinated water. Chlorine is very dangerous for fishes. It can kill them.

You could add a water conditioner for this. The water should be at room temperature only. Add freshwater only.

Don’t add any random chemicals to it. Make sure you add Aqua safe or Kent Detox for water conditioner every single time.

Fix Heater, Air Pump, and Lights


It’s time to fix aquarium Appliances. You need a heater, lights, air pump and the filter for your tank.
Please consider the calculation of heater wattage and filter flow rate very carefully. There are various options available for heater and lights. A high wattage heater goes well in a large aquarium. Make sure that you fix it comfortably in the tank.
Lights should be placed in the tank for better visibility. Place the lights on the tank and set its timer to 8-10 hours-a-day. You can add a thermometer to the tank. The average temperature for the tropical fish aquarium is 780 F.

Add an Aquarium Filter


Filter is the heart of the aquarium. An aquarium with proper filtration remains healthy. There are three types of filtrations.

• Mechanical Filtration


This type of filters uses poly fiber pads to catch pollutants and wastes

• Chemical Filtration


It uses activated carbon to absorb the dissolved pollutant from the water.

• Biological Filtration


Some beneficial bacteria also help in the filtration of aquariums. The bacteria eliminate the toxic ammonia naturally from the water. You have to select the best filter for your aquarium. You should check the filtering capability first. It should be without disruptive sounds. The best filter for your tank should be with moderate price, no leaks, easy filtering, and Quiet Operations.

Add fishes to your Aquarium

After completely setting the aquarium, add fish to it. Start with one fish. Make sure you follow all maintenance properly. Different fishes have different characteristics.
Select the inexpensive fishes for your aquarium. Goldfishes can live for decades whereas Mollies have a lifespan less than 2 years. Select one that won’t die easily and play well with other fishes.
Release the new fish very carefully into the tank. Float the bag gradually and stay for at least 15 minutes to equalize the temperature.

Feed your Fishes

There are many options available for fish food. You can select what your fish enjoyed the most. Feed them twice-a-day. Keep an eye on the eating behavior of your fish. Whether she is getting sufficient food to eat or not remember that Fishes eat whenever they get a chance to eat. Maintain a record. Select the most suitable food for your fishes.


Here are your quick tips to get an Aquarium for the first time:

• Select a big tank. The bigger the better.
• Choose an accessible and safe location for the tank.
• Get the best aquarium filter with higher flow rate.
• Get other pieces of equipment like the heater, lights, air pump, and thermometer.
• Be patient while setting up the aquarium.
• Don’t overstock and avoid over-feeding the fishes.
• Select fishes very carefully. Check the fins, gills properly.
• Understand the cycling process and its effects.
• Avoid using any random chemicals.
• Use test kit for monitoring the water quality.


There is nothing more relaxing than a beautiful aquarium filled with colorful fishes in your living room or office. Keeping aquarium is the best way to understand the aquatic fauna.
You might have craving for fishes as your pet. All you have to do is; to take-care your little beautiful fishes and their pond regularly. Don’t overload the aquarium. Feed the fishes twice a day.
Take a cross-check on the important aquarium pieces of equipment and the best aquarium filter. Make notes and be a member of a fish group. Keep yourself updated with new stuff regarding aquarium. That’s it. Go get your tank setup and welcome your new pets.

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Happy Fish Watching!!!