Sunday 22 November 2015

Tips to Care for Dry Skin

Tips to Care for Dry Skin: KnowYourLifestyle

As we all know, every year in cold weather, our skin becomes dry, and it is a challenging task to care for dry skin. The level of humidity gets decrease with a drop in temperature; we start feeling about our skin that it is tighter than earlier.
Today I am going to share some important tips with you so that you can keep your skin healthy 
throughout the whole winter days of the year. 

 1. Start Using Face Oil: 

Tips to Care for Dry Skin: KnowYourLifestyle

In cold weather, you need to use face oil in place of all those moisturizers based on water. First, clean 
your face and after that, take approx. 4 or 5 oil drops on your palm and apply on you when face is wet.
You do not need to dry your face. Just use these oil drops directly to your face. Oiling your face will help protect you from the freezing air in the winter season. Moreover, it will work as a conditioner which will seal your skin with moisture from cold air. 

2. Exfoliate your skin: 

Tips to Care for Dry Skin: KnowYourLifestyle

If you want to increase in skin cells and get rid of old, dead, rough skin, Exfoliation of your skin is very much important. Also, it will create a layer that will stop dead skin cells to pierce your skin intensely. 
Anyway, exceptionally at that time, your skin starts to feel very dry, remember to apply the mild product on your skin but not again and again. 

Physical exfoliators can provoke your skin, which is already bothered due to the winter season. In place of using it, you can go for a mild synthetical or chemical Exfoliator like face mask like strawberry or papaya, which is enzymes of fruits, which helps dry skin. 

3. Use Mild Facial Cleansers 

Tips to care for dry skin: KnowYourLifestyle

Avoid harsh cleansers containing fragrance, sulfates, or alcohol, and opt for a gentle cleanser with 
moisturizing properties. Harsh cleaners may disrupt the pH balance of your skin and cause dryness and 
irritation. Any cleanser that makes your skin feel "squeaky" clean is probably too harsh. If you wear 
makeup, swap your face wipes with cleansing oil. 

4. Soften Irritated and Dry Skin 

Tips to care for dry skin: KnowYourLifestlye

If you are suffering from Irritated and Dry Skin, you need to go for all those ingredients full of soothing and moisturizing. The delicate element will make your skin very soft, and as its name implies, 
moisturizing elements keep your skin moist, which will take care of your skin from attacks of the cold 

Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Mineral oil, Lanolin, Petrolatum, Coconut, jojoba, sesame, almond, and plant oils are the example of soothing or Emollients ingredients. Honey, Aloe Vera, Butylenes' Glycol, Dipropylene Glycol, Hexylene Glycol, and Glycerin are examples of humectants or moisturizing ingredients. 

Some examples of skin irritation in winter season due to dryness are given below.

1. Rough Hands:

Repeated wash of hands, dry and frozen air are a big reason for your hand's roughness. 

2. Redness over the nose:

Often, we have seen many people in the winter season with red noses. With the help of a cleanser, which should be mild, wash your face; after wash applies face balm as Dermalogica Barrier Repair, Origins Make a difference Ultra-Rich. 

3. Cracks on Lips: 

Due to cold in winters, our lips look not even very rough while very badly painful for us, To save you from this problem every day, apply lip balm on your lips for the whole day and before sleep. Not to use those lip balms which are coming with aroma or Fragrances. It will create irritation on your lips. Use a lip balm that contains natural & organic ingredients. 

It is not only the reason for uneasiness. Handwashes thoroughly like it will not secure us from the illness due to damaged skin. Apply a mild cream on hands that can carefully stop dryness. If you see your hands are rougher than usual roughness, then I suggest you go for soothing balms like beeswax and shea butter. I will recommend products of Kahina Giving Beauty for both your body and as well as for your hands. 

Few essential things with them your skin will be soft and healthy during the winter season: 

Drink a lot of water. You can also go for tea or take some honey if you are not feeling thirsty and not 
habitual of talk liquids, Because if you will not drink water or take liquids, cells of your skin will dehydrate and cracks will be there on your skin which will be visible, and it will ultimately look not very interesting which i am sure you all I won't like it. 

Take plenty of homemade Soups, Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables, with all these bodies will get extra liquids and nutrients which can secure our skin. Eat homemade soups, broths and plenty of local seasonal produce to provide your body with additional liquids and protective nutrients. If you are going outside, then you must be aware of this fact that how cold the air will be and it will make your skin dry or rough. So, I would suggest using Humidifier (device or instrument which creates moisture in-room or in a building) at your home.

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