Thursday 7 December 2017

Benefits of Online Beauty Services

There is one sector which has remained unaffected by the passage of time and technological innovations – the urge of a human to make a favorable impression on others. In other words – beauty.There are many proverbs in English such as – The First impression is the best impression. But imagine the hard work made to provide the best first impression?

Benefits of Online Beauty Services: Know Your Lifestyle
Benefits of Online Beauty Services: Know Your Lifestyle
In this era of hectic busy work schedules and family commitments, it is really a hard task to go to the beauty parlor or salons to get the best treatments. But able assistance is available. There are many start-ups and companies which provide the best online home beautician services. In fact, doorstep beauty services are fast emerging as a top revenue generator for many start-ups in India.

The popularity of television shows such as Dance Dance and Bollywood heroines looking their best have made even housewives in the remote part of India want to look beautiful and attractive. The trend resulted in beauty salons mushrooming at every street.But it is sad that working professionals who need to look their best and put in a positive performance in their work rarely find time to go to the salon to pamper themselves.

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In similar situations, the doorstep beauty services have become a boon for the busy working professionals. In this article, shall we look into the benefits of online beauty services?

1. Trust

Benefits of Online Beauty Services: Know Your Lifestyle

There was a time when customers were hesitant to use doorstep services and apps, but the success of Ola and Uber have broken the myth. Now customers are more open to using even beautician services from unknown persons. The reason, that all the beauticians or beauty service companies are enlisted as service partners with companies which provide home based services. Any individual can just download the app, clarify his/her requirements and book the services of a reputed beauty professional.

2. Saves Time

Benefits of Online Beauty Services: Know Your Lifestyle

You have to go to the beauty salon at least once a month. But do you think the trip will be in a lackluster dress? The dress, grooming and beauty treatment will have to be similar. First you have to dress to the occasion and then you have to go to the salon. There are occasions you may have to wait for your turn. But when you opt for home beautician services, you not only save time but can be in your normal house dress.

3. Flexibility

Benefits of Online Beauty Services: Know Your Lifestyle

You are the customer. Customer is always the KING (or shall we say QUEEN?) in any business. You can fix a suitable time for appointment as per the schedule. Though the premium salons have similar facilities, they can give only few services. With home beautician services, you can choose many and the company will send the professional accordingly.

4. Convenience

Benefits of Online Beauty Services: Know Your Lifestyle

Many of us do not find time, but there are also many who resist going to the parlor because of lack of familiarity and crowded environment.But you can bask in the familiarity of your own house. If you are a person who shares similar kind of feelings then home services are a suitable option.

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5. Choosing the Best Professional Company

Benefits of Online Beauty Services: Know Your Lifestyle
Many popular home service companies have included home beauticians in their vendor list.  However, before you opt for the services, it is advisable to ask few questions such as –

•    What are the kinds of services offered and the charges?
•    What are the popular brands used for treatment and service?
•    Do your beauticians cover all parts of the city?

Kindly note that you need to clarify the facts and your expectations should be perfect based on the answers given by the company. Also clarify in the call, the type of products they will bring for the required services and if you have to arrange any assistance in the form of equipment. A well co-ordinated meeting will make the experience a cakewalk.

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A reputed company will definitely call a few hours before the appointment to ensure the confirmation. They will also give you details regarding the beautician such as her name, skills etc.
A doorstep service is a challenge, so many companies can send only their most experienced and trusted professionals.


For a working woman, a visit to the parlor a month is mandatory. Now if you are staying in a crowded area and the place of work is two hours away, imagine the time you will get to pay a visit to the salon. Agreed, you may have Saturday and Sunday as holidays, but for many families, Saturdays are meant for rest. On Sunday, you will have so many jobs, that you forget the beauty factor.

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And competition is abundant in the beauty parlor sector. There are many parlors which you can find at every nook and corner, but you cannot attend all for every service/treatment. Half of them charge relatively low prices and the other half may be so expensive that you will feel the pinch in your wallet. So the best option will be online home beautician services where you download the app, look for the best beauty salons offering the required services of reputed professional and then make a selection. You stay in the comfort of your home and get pampered like a ‘QUEEN’ with the same branded products and for a slightly higher cost.